End Times Rant


You would think that after years of posting links and news and thoughts about the New World Order and Christianity would be stop taking a toll on me and would become a normal everyday occurrence, but it doesn’t pan out that way.  The hard truth is that it still shocks me and scares me and never makes me feel better. Occasionally I have a friend give me an encouraging smile or message and that seems to make my days better. I praise God when I hear the birds in the morning and that is the most comforting and wonderful sound. Drinking hot tea with my dog near me is an absolute pleasure and survival has been my way. My personal life has been a battle that never ends. I live by faith in uncertain times. Jesus truly is my Rock.

There a many illusions and deceptions going on. I just want to rant a little to relieve the pressure of words and thoughts in my mind and perhaps inform and encourage you. We are in the end times. What we are seeing is the destruction of this civilization and the death of millions of people at the hands of powerful demon infested leaders worldwide. Don’t expect a normal life as presented by the media. Dreams of a small house in the woods will not last. Eventually the government will find a way to tax and harass you out of your property. There is no escape. You are monitored. You are recorded. You will never be able to have a private conversation on the phone or by email. Everything is monitored. If you are a born again Christian, you are the terrorist. You are the biggest threat. You are the most hated. And if it is not so in your life, you are not a Christian. This is all horrible discouraging news but let me tell you the good part. God is also watching and you are not a terrorist to Him. You are His child. You will be rewarded one day for all that is happening to you. Whether you become homeless, are hungry or get beheaded or raped or spit on or whatever….God will get the vengeance. God will someday give you rest when your eternal time begins after this short vapor of a life.

Pray for godly people to come into your life. Become an encouragement to others and compliment them and smile and give them a gentle touch on the hand and make them see that they are real and that you care for them. Like the saying goes, you may be the only church they will be in contact with.

If your church has a building and is a 501c3 church, there is a good chance that your church will fall if it hasn’t already and exists as a dead church. If your church does not tell you about the New World Order and talk about you being persecuted and considers faithfulness as tithing and worship as contemporary Christian music…your church is already lukewarm. Shut off the TV. None of the ministries on TBN or Daystar are real. NONE.  Pray for godly people to enter your life and pray for your pastor.  Jesuits infiltrators still exist. There are shills and stalkers on the net. There are Satanists who go to churches just to destroy them.  There are Psy-ops in the making and on the increase. The Mandela Effect and the Flat Earth Theory is a Psy-Ops. It’s not real. It is a way to destroy conspiracy theorists and make them look foolish and it is especially an attempt to destroy the KJV and Christianity. One of the oldest Psy-Ops is the Pre-Tribulation rapture and the modern translations in protestant churches. And just a reminder, Baptists were never part of Protestant Reformation. All modern translations come from the same faulty base and have been altered by Wescott and Hort. If you are still using a NKJV, ESV or NASB, please pray that God show you the truth. I don’t argue it much because I keep thinking you will eventually get it and the Holy Spirit will lead you out of it.

We are being attacked continually. Some of the things going on are not visible or obvious. If you have been keeping up with my numerous postings and links….you will see that we are being chemtrailed with poisonous chemicals. Vaccinations are tainted with poison and aborted babies. Water is being destroyed and they put Fluoride in it which is a drug that is also a neurotoxin. Your food is genetically modified and grown in soil that has been filled with chemicals and pesticides. Plastic containers and personal care products are filled with dangerous chemicals that is affecting our estrogen and testosterone affecting our sexual identity. Wi-Fi, smart meters, microwaves, cell towers and wireless phones are affecting us in a dangerous way.  There is nothing natural anymore and as soon as your children are born, they are pierced in the heel and given injections. Autism is increasing and diseases and cancer is on the rise. There is a plan to depopulate you.

What is going on in the government is false and a facade too. Hillary is a witch and will destroy America. Trump has been threatened already. I believe he will be if he hasn’t already been told that he and his family will die if he does not cooperate. There was NO reason for him to meet Kissinger last month. He went to a Jesuit university. Trump could be a puppet for the NWO and will definitely be pushed into being one if he isn’t already but as I said, anything is better than Hillary. Many Christians are pushing that we should not vote and should not pick ANY evil even if it is the lesser of two evils. I was even thinking that might be a good idea not to vote. Many prophets and people in the bible were under the leadership of unbelieving kings and kings who were evil in the sight of God. I believe Trump is a better choice than Hillary and that no vote equals a vote for Hillary. You can do what you want though. At this point of time, know that America is already set for destruction and Obama lighting the White House in rainbow colors has put a large target on us already. If you want to do something, push back and complain while you can.

I need to walk a way for a bit. I don’t know if I will erase this or add to this.


Leah H








3 thoughts on “End Times Rant

  1. Thank you for this. It makes me feel less alone.
    Do you ever wonder why God called you up to know what you know and see what you see? I do. It’s probably good we don’t know these things. I’m so thankful for the knowledge and discernment though. It’s a gift.

    It’s so surreal, life seems so normal but I know it’s not. Most people are asleep and only concerned with being entertained. Sometimes I find it hard to even have normal conversations anymore.

    It is fearful. Praying for you too, that God will give you strength to handle whatever comes. Take care.


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    • thank you so much. 🙂 Hey, I wasn’t able to go to your website because there is a block from my computer that says that you might have some malware or something like that with some red warning….eeks! So, I don’t know what to think about that. I hope you are a real person and if you are, thank you sooooo much for your wonderful comment. …. Leah


      • That’s weird! Yikes is right! Thanks I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t been active on there in a long time, maybe that’s why? And yes I am a real person. 😄 also, I see from your link (maybe it was the Gotthard tunnel post?) that you read the Galatians 4 blog ? Thankful for her blog too!
        Take care-


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