The Conspiracy to Feminize Men and Destroy the Family

feminization of men

Dr. Curtis Duncan does a wonderful job at explaining about the depopulation plan to feminize men from the womb with exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals that alter the DNA and cause children to be born with a gender fluid identity. Please note that Dr. Duncan is not a Christian and is New Age. While I agree with his medical findings, I don’t agree with his spirituality. He does not consider this as gender confusion but I do believe it is a confusion that Satan is ultimately influencing.

  1 Corinthians 14:33   For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

In Sodom, all the men surrounded the house of Lot….this is a large amount of people. (See Genesis 19) This was not a small percent of the town but was the majority of Sodom.  What was 1% of today’s society is now 3% and I do believe this will grow. People will start to identify as LGBT. These people will increase in number. Jesus said it would be like the days of Lot. The elite, Illuminati, globalists and all the people trying to push depopulation and order out of Chaos and the New World Order are pushing this to a high degree chemically, destroying the children from the womb. They are pushing this in false religions and through feminist groups, through unbelievers. The family is strength in a society and this unit must be destroyed.  It must end and our population must go down. Women must work and push for equality and leave the mother role. Even if they do have a child or two in the small family, the family must raise up the child in a genderless environment, praising the LGBT movement and yelling and protesting the anti-bullying movement sweeping in schools. They must hate the “intolerance” of the conservative movement, of fundamental Christians, of the literal bible believing Christians. It is a spiritual war.

Suicide increases for the transgender people who undergo gender reassignment surgery.[1, 2] Suicide is not from God and is a touchy subject. The way we treat these people needs some sensitivity but at the same time, I don’t want to join in praising LGBT agenda or promoting it. It is still perversion. The people are not all completely responsible for what they have become. I believe it is a difficult sin to get out of as well as many sexual sins. But also remember that nothing is impossible with God. There are many situations where unbelievers get into and they turn to drugs and turn to LGBT protests and groups and go on to influence others to sin. Sin IS increasing and Satan is an expert at sexual sins and perverting what God made good. And even though there really is an LGBT agenda we should also beware that as Christians we are their main target. We are to love them and be kind to them but at the same time you need to be firm and serious when it attacks your family and to stay away from it. Lot should have left that town and instead he stayed there where his children and household were influenced by it and he became a politically correct victim of Sodom. His two daughters did wickedly in the sight of God and did wrong. They payed for it in creating children from incest who became enemy nations of Israel. (Moabites and Ammonites)

To humble yourself before a Holy God and submit to the Lord. you have to realize you are a sinner and have sinned.  This is the first part of witnessing to a person. In this wicked world, people don’t want to hear about sin or that they are sinners or that their sexuality position is a sin. Dr. Curtis Duncan considers telling people they are sinners as wrong but I don’t consider this as wrong because we need to remind people that homosexuality is a sin. Be kind as much as possible to all people. Don’t give people a reason to to say you are a “hater” even though they will. Jesus said to love your neighbor and to love your enemies and to do good to those that hate you. Love people yet still witness to your family and close friends and tell them about Jesus. Street preachers will still tell people about sin. It is not meant to attack people but to help people realize they are sinners. The reason people need to know is because they must realize that they are not their own gods and that they can be forgiven. That there is a higher being and ONE GOD who will have mercy on them and that through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour they can have eternal life in Him. They must be led to the truth of His word and being humble is the beginning of this new life because if you are proud of your sins and proud of yours sinful accomplishments, you will not be able to accept the truth in your state of arrogance and pride in yourself. This will just cause you to get deeper into sin and to hate God’s people and join in with every wicked group out there. Morality and good is determined by God and set in the word of God which will never be eliminated from the world as much as people try through death and deceptions and silent wars. The person without God has a changeable morality that is based on his self and will always differ. Even lukewarm churches will not be able to eliminate morality even though in these end time it will seem like they have won but you know what is happening behind the scenes. God’s plan WILL prevail over their plans!

Part of our ministry in the body of Christ is to pray which will change things. Pray for people! Prayer does work. God wants us to do good in the midst of these increasing evil times. Do what is right and pray for people. Even if that means you will lose your job or be hated by friends or even to the point of death. You will be rewarded in the next life and we can’t lose focus on the truth. We need to have compassion on the lost and the people who are lost in this delusion. Pray for people. They need prayer more than ever!





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