Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner


Jared Kushner is the son-in-law of Donald Trump and the husband of Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter. He is 35 born in New York City, January 10, 1981.  There are some interesting facts and mysteries that may surprise you.  I will only skim the surface and make this short. He graduated from Harvard even though his grades were not good enough for him to make entry but his father, Charles Kushner made a $2.5 million dollar donation to the college and they agreed to allow him to attend where he got an A.B. in Sociology in 2003.  He then went on to get a JD (Juris Doctor which is a law degree) and MBA degree at New York University. In 2006 he bought the Newspaper, The New York Observer, for $10 million dollars. He also has made a mark in the real estate business with various properties, notably acquiring the 666 5th Avenue building for $1.8 billion. (666 is of course the mark of the beast but 18 is also the sum of 6+6+6)

Kushner is Jewish and Ivanka has converted to Judaism. They have 3 children. They have been involved in the Democratic party donating $100,000. Kushner is endorsing his father and at the Observer and even helps write speeches. He will carry on a close roll if his father-in-law should become president.



Update 1/11/17



Update 4-3-17

Trump’s son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner is sponsored by George Soros.

Should Jared Kushner be fired – Soros gave Kushner brothers $259M credit line

Update 4-10-17

Trump’s Son In Law Jared Kushner Owns 666 Fifth Ave That Houses Lucent (AKA Lucifer) Technology


Update 4-17-18




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