Quick Message to Europe

New Europe


Who would want to visit Europe now? It’s dangerous, they lost their culture and you would see Muslims and other foreigners not Europeans. France used to be the romance capital and everyone wanted to go there and now it is a Muslim terrorist haven. The frog has been slowly boiling and now Europe is gone. Christianity is gone from there. Even the Christianity they have is false Christianity trying to include other religions in “dialog” (code word for compromising their faith and becoming worldly) welcoming gay and female pastors with short hair to be their clergy. Europe, get these politicians out of there and replace them with nationalists who care about your people and culture and language. The liberals try to sound like they are for freedom but they have sold their souls and sold their countries . Start kicking out people who don’t assimilate, eliminate burkas or the covering of the face, cut benefits in half, make small business easy so they can open up shops and go to work. All business to be done in a European language. Let churches teach English or or your national European language for free from the bible. It’s OK to preach Jesus. Your countries did well under Christianity. If someone rapes or commits a serious crime, deport them immediately and send back their whole family. Perhaps this will deter people from committing it in the first place. No large mosques. They have to be one level only with a low minarette with a quiet call to prayer. If they don’t want this, deport them and let them be refugees in a Muslim country. Europe needs to be stronger. Your men are wimpy. Stop blurring the genders. You are making gay people. Just because something feels good doesn’t make it good for you. Ban beasteality, pedophilia and prostitution. Promote European families so your population doesn’t go down. Let refugees only stay temporarily. They need to go back home and rebuild their country and use what they have learned to strengthen their own country and make it a democratic republic. Do some trade deals with their country to import goods and keep them employed in their countries and help rebuild their economic system. There are many solutions, I am just one person who is not even a politician and yet I can think of better solutions than Merkel!


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