The Temple Arch of Baal is a Demonic Portal

London Arch or Triumph

First off, I know there is an abundance of articles and videos on this. I am not going to tell you anything new if you have read and seen them all.  I am only going to point to what is already out there. I am unsure how many of these re-created arches are out there and where they will be erected. I think there will be one in Times Square.

The people making speeches and presenting his arch is claiming that the one that will go up is not from the Temple of Ba’al. There is a lot of protesting going on about it being pagan and demonic. It is but there is also a group of atheists who are trying to make Christians look like crazy right wing extremists. The arch that is going up is a different arch called the Arch of Triumph to appease the religious right so as not to protest so much on it. They are saying it is priceless archeological architecture and we should be happy and amazed with the 3D printing technology to recreate this artifact which will be triumph in the face of Daesh (ISIS) who destroyed it in Syria. Many of us know that ISIS was created and funded by the west and is part of the chaos to help bring about the NWO and make more excuses to bring Muslims over to take over our countries and you are not allowed to say anything no matter how much of an economic burden this is or how much violence goes on or you are a “racist”! Many of us know that that the Temple of Baal is really being erected for the purposes of trying to honor a pagan culture while at the same time pushing the limits of Christianity and trying to make them out to be the opposition of progress and science. They don’t see the moral and religious implications of anything and they don’t care if they are dabbling in something that will bring about a demonic realm. (CERN technology is another science that will open a portal to the demonic.)

They are lying that is is not part of the Temple of Ba’al. This arch of Triumph was the gateway arch to the Temple of Ba’al which was right next to the entrance arches they wanted to put up in the first place. It is in very close proximity of the original arches that they had planned.

Temple of Bel Location


When you look at this you will notice that the Egyptian stone that the arch is made of is an orangy color. It is in contrast to the grey concrete of the buildings all around it. It sticks out like a sore thumb and does not match any of the other architecture around it. That was my first impression of it. Then I saw how the people speaking of it had to emphasize it was to show Daesh that they could not destroy “beautiful” priceless artifacts of Syria which are part of the history of Syria.  ISIS could care less and they are not making speeches to show their anger over the recreations. It is a stupid reason to create these things. If you read about Syria in the bible (Assyria) it was a pagan nation and a pagan culture that was an enemy nation to Israel and they worshipped Ba’al who is a false god. Child sacrifice was practiced there and I am sure other disgusting horrible sins were going on there as well. I really don’t care about the culture as do some and wouldn’t spend a dime to travel to see the originals or even the recreations in the States. The whole culture was wicked and wicked people are still praising everything wicked.

An interesting thing is mentioned in one of the videos I saw and I will post them all up in a group so you can watch them all. Something was mentioned that the way Judas became the son of perdition, also Obama may be the one that becomes the antiChrist. I don’t know if he is the antiChrist. As you know, I am still waiting to see if he goes to the UN to be a world leader. Obama happened to be in London when the arch was there. I don’t know what that means or if it had any meaning or effect. One video investigator shows 2 dark unexplained moving objects near the arch. I have no idea if they are demonic but I will tell you that it is creepy!

About 2 weeks ago, Dr. Scott Johnson whom I respect did an audio current events study on the arches so I will also present the audio teachings he did on that. If there is something you think I should add, let me know. Thank you, friends! Also let’s not forget to pray about this, either. With all that is going on in the world we need to pray about demonic activity in the world because Satan is putting everything on high gear because he knows his end is near. Remember also that you were born at this very time to be prepared for what we are to deal with today and don’t let people make you feel like you are crazy or inferior or stupid for being aware and cautious for what is going on in the world. We are stronger than anything in the world because we have the Holy Spirit, AMEN!

Temple of Baal Playlist. Press play to watch the YouTube videos on this topic.




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