is a Mormon Company commericals and advertizing is everywhere and I admit they are so good that even I have wanted to submit my DNA to them but I decided to look them up about 1-2 years ago to see if the Mormons were using that information for baptising the dead. There was very little on the subject and a lot of hearsay in forums and could not really confirm anything. No one was doing any stories on it. Maybe they were scrubbed off the net. I don’t know. About 5 minutes ago I saw another advertisement. I decided to look on Wikipedia to what is said about them.

Boom! is located in Utah and started by two Bringham Young students. So yes, it is a Mormon company. It is unknown to what extent this information is being used. It could be used for data-mining and being sold to other entities. It could be used for Mormon religious practices and go far enough for other secretive or destructive purposes that you are unprepared to handle such as clone research and depopulation experiments. Although the latter is hard to swallow and be shunned and thrown out the window by the average Joe, don’t be too sure it is all completely innocent without any wrong intentions.

baptism of the dead dna

update 7-13-16



One thought on “ is a Mormon Company

  1. There is a company called “23 and Me” that does genetic work. I used to be really interested in that as a means to deal with some health issues, it will tell you different genetic mutation markers that you have, and then counsel you on diet and supplements etc. to try to live your best while having those mutations (Google ‘MTHFR’). Some people just want to know where they came from. I never did it and I’m glad for that reason – population control. It dawned on me awhile back that could be used as a negative at some point. I have heard that it is even being advertised on Sirius Radio (Patriot and Fox) now, really going mainstream.

    Good article…


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