Zika Virus Panic Hoax

zika hoaxThere was a panic of Zika Virus in Brazil and now the U.S. Government is pushing the panic. Please don’t panic. They are pushing it for mandatory vaccines for adults. It is about money and depopulation and control. Don’t get sucked into it. I was totally part of the H1N1 vaccination panic years ago with everyone in town waiting in the hot sun with a bunch of crazy desperate neighbors with people arguing and lying and cheating and running to go get this vaccination. While we were in line, they decided that there was not enough for adults, only elderly and children. People where wailing and whining and since I live in a Chinese community, it sounded like chicken clucking.  It’s a hoax to scare people. Please don’t get sucked into it. Here are some videos that will calm you down. The CDC and Federal health agencies are giving out inaccurate information.


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