Was Homophobia A Factor In Gay Son Being Killed?

LAPD April 5,2016

A major news story is being distributed in all major newspapers and online news agencies this week about a young man being killed in Southern California because he was gay. It is being sensationalized as proof that gays are persecuted and are part of hate crime. People are labeling it as homophobia especially on the part of the father who killed his son.

When I first read the story, the headline did not match the story. Reports of the father, Shehadeh Issa, confessing he shot his son, Amir Issa, also included the testimony that he had come home to find his wife, Rabihah Issa, stabbed to death in the bathroom and his son had a knife and shot his son in self-defense. The rumor and accusation that he was killed because he was gay was from the prosecutors in the case. The father was arrested and charged for murder of the son but not for the mother.

There are conflicting reports from witnesses saying that the father hated the son and that the father was a good guy. Amir, the son, was having issues of mental illness for the past year and had a previous arrest for slashing a boyfriend in the face with a knife. After a year in jail and mental evaluation he was let go and allowed to live with his parents in a back house. The father and son were not getting along and the father was considering to sell the home and evict his son. There was a lot of tension in the home.

The first thought I had is that it may have been an Islamic crime because of their names. The father did not say he wanted to kill his son because he was gay but for self defense. For some reason I knew this story was fishy. I wanted to look into it further. This story is still being circulated by news agencies and social media outlets and of course the LGBT community is milking it for all its homophobia worth.  I noticed that the son had given all of his insurance and retirement benefits to the 7th day Adventist church in Glendale. This story is not turning out to be what is being reported. As far as I know, a person is not guilty until proven. I hope people look into it more and notice it gets confusing sometimes when trying to know which Issa they are speaking about.

This morning, in the 15 minute loop set of news for the day on KNX radio (an affiliate of NBC in Los Angeles), a small report made it alluding to the polibility in this report not being a case of homophobia. This is not the news story people expected it to be. Basically we don’t know and we will have to keep listening and watching to this story. Here are some recent online reports on this story so you can begin to try to understand the story and see that it may not be a case of homophobia.


Extreme Homophobia: Father Charged In Gay Son’s Murder, But Is There More To This Bizarre Story?




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