Baal Worship and Blasphemy in the Modern Age: Babylon 2.0

Baal temple

By Justin Tucci

         New York City, London, China and several other countries have announced that they will be erecting a 50 foot tall arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Syria.

         ISIS destroyed this historic architecture and in “an act of defiance” reproductions of this arch will be raised in said cities and 1000 more locations. This is scheduled to start in April.

         Baal was an ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian god that was worshipped through ritual and offerings. It was often depicted as a half man/bull being similar to a minotaur or baphomet

         Baal worship was quite disgusting. It involved orgies and the sacrifice of children to Baal on a very hot altar.

         This is not something that should be celebrated or revered in modern society. Yet we are not too different from this culture in comparison to the millions of babies aborted every year along with the sexual depravity of pornography and the LGBTQYZ lifestyles that society has embraced.

Has America become Babylon 2.0?

   baal worship

              I see this akin to restoring Auschwitz because of its historical significance and putting a recreation in over 1000 cities.

              If you want to commit an act of defiance against ISIS, which is the justification for this, then destroy them. That way no more historic sites will be destroyed and people can live in peace.

             Of course this isn’t the real reason why this arc is being raised around the world. Very dark forces control our planet. This is just another example of it.

          On a side note today on Good Friday Mclean’s magazine released its special Easter edition of the magazine.

          The cover story is: “Did Jesus Really Exist? The science is in: New memory research is casting doubt on the few things we thought we knew about Jesus. Now a growing number of experts think he didn’t exist at all.”

         The cover features Eye of Horus symbolism almost identical to Ellen Degeneres’ Vanity magazine cover.

     ellen puzzle jesus

        Jesus’ death and name were recorded by the Romans way back when Israel was under their occupation. Most scientists and historians have acknowledged at the very least Jesus was a real person. This attempt to dispute the existence of Jesus and to turn people away from God is another example of the evil very present and real in our world. Have a holy weekend.

Happy Easter.


3 thoughts on “Baal Worship and Blasphemy in the Modern Age: Babylon 2.0

    • During this time every year, these articles are in abundance as well as having articles and movies about the resurrection from the point of view of secular directors and writers and Christians watch these during the holidays thinking they will be happy and blessed with more confirmation in their faith but they are always “off” in the biblical story. Yes there is a lot of deception going on, This is not a real bible and I have seen this article before. It is the gospel of Barnabas which is a gnostic book. Even the apostles were talking about how there are false gospels and false teachers already. When I was listening to an old interview from Gail Riplinger she mentioned another gnostic gospel and she was talking about how that would deceive people. Book of Hermes or something like that. To me it all seems ridiculous but I can’t believe the need and desire of people trying to look for spirituality from other books and people and religions. It sometimes leads to cults and mystics and every other religion. For me it is simple that the bible is Genesis to Revelation and that’s it and it is complete and God preserved it. I don’t know why but when you say that, it usually shuts them up as if deep down inside they know its the truth and that is what they already knew before they got into their false mystical journey of spiritual enlightenment. This is probably the falling away. Someone asked recently, How do we know there was a Jesus in the Reddit r/Christianity subreddit and that question gets asked a lot lately and I mentioned that there were many witnesses and there were too many to say it was a hoax. To me that answer is enough but they keep searching heretic false ways to believe something else. We are the remnant, learn to defend your faith, keep reading the bible even more than any other book and keep praying for people and telling people about Jesus. Not only are people falling away but there is a wake up process going also and people are still coming to Christ. Let’s not give up or be shaken by doubtful words because Satan is pouring it thick now that he knows his time is short. The battle is on!


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