Satanic, Occult and Masonic Hand Symbols

666 sign

This is not a conspiracy theory. This is common and being flashed constantly in the media. This is only to inform you of what they mean and to notice them everyday. The weird thing is that the public seems to like to emulate their celebrity idols in joining in with them in copying the signs. Please take a good look and after you have watched these, avoid doing this and teach your children, family and friends what they mean and to avoid doing so as well.

Masonic 2 pillar hand signs



Masonic hand in coatcruz masonic hand

Web Links:

Hand Signs Part 1 of 4: Signs of Satan []

Satanic/ Luciferian Hand Signs []

Satan’s El Diablo Hand Signs [Texe Marrs]

Decoding Illuminati Symbolism []

Personal Note:

Earlier I was looking at a post from July last year and noticed the video was removed. It was about a Cardinal who was casting a spell on TV. Many times YouTube removes these truth videos because they don’t want you to see something. They say it is because of copy-write issues.  OK fine, so I thought I would look for a similar video. I couldn’t find one. I tried to look to see if there were any negative videos on this cardinal. Still nothing. That was really odd. How is that possible? I found the video which the first post was based. After all you have seen on the above videos and links…. this will really be a wake up video.


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