The Whole Trump Thing Is Scripted!

Give me a minute, I realize that your inbox and subscription list to other posts and videos is long and you don’t have the time to read anything but give me a minute.

We’ve been lied to, this whole political drama on the news is scripted. I like Trump and Cruz and a lot of the Rubio speeches have been great but… all of them are puppets. I know that sounds crazy but you know that a big false flag has to happen in order for martial law to happen. People are being paid to protest. Millions of dollars go into these groups like and Black Lives Matter. It is part of the plan.  Please don’t buy it. I know you will soon get it with a little bit of research.  I just got it right now. I just realized it. Maybe some of you already got it and maybe some of you will see it in a little while after seeing these videos and maybe some of you will click off this post in denial or disgust.  I am you whether 10 days ago or you in another two months. Let’s not fight or get mad at each other or add to the madness going on. They are blowing things out of proportion with



propaganda trying to push the idea that white people, Christians and conservatives and Tea Party members hate Muslims and Immigrants. It’s not true but they don’t want to listen or see what is going on. They are being manipulated by sheep to the slaughter and they don’t realize that everything they are pushing will soon turn on them as well. Be calm yet strong and don’t let them direct your lives. The same programs they promote are making them worse off but they are really slaves and victims of their own demise. I have never seen such blindness. Turn off the TV and let the idiot box collect dust. Spend less time on your phones and tablets or laptops. It is all part of the propaganda to consume your time on unworthy unbeneficial useless programming. People are waking up everyday. Be part of the solution and influence your family and friends to think logically and calmly. Be loving yet fair and don’t get caught up in these elections, rallies or socialist programs.


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