Warning About Mike Adams

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is the Senior Editor and Owner of the website Natural News as well as many other websites. He is also known as the Health Ranger and speaks in a variety of other media outlets as well as being a substitute host on Info Wars.  I don’t want to be too critical of Mike Adams especially being appreciative for all the information and hard work he does in getting out great alternative news and health information. But just a warning to Bible Believing Christians, he is still unsaved and unfortunately he is dabbling in New Age which is part of the occult. He has a great attitude but sometimes you will see once in a while that he will promote New Age ideas on meditation and catch him calling ourselves as “divine”. I am afraid that with his great encouraging attitude he will cause some people such as new or baby Christians to accept these eastern spiritual practices as normal and acceptable and maybe get them to like and try these practices. If you are a born-again Bible-believing Christian, I hope you will at the very least pray for him to get out of the occult and repent of it. I am not asking people to speak to him but to pray for him. If you are a close friend of his, perhaps yohealth rangeru can ask him if he knows what the gospel is or has ever heard it. I’m not sure what people can do but if everyone approached him personally, I am afraid he will feel bombarded or harassed and put off by too many people trying to reach out to him.

I hope you will try and notice these things and also read about it. All these practices go back to Luciferian Satanic practice.  There are other Alternative News amateur reporters dabbling in the occult and getting into cults such as the Hebrew names movement. Some people don’t want to see this but I also believe it is part of the Jesuit confusion of bible versions and I really believe those ministries that are still using modern versions are still not getting a clear picture of God’s purpose and plan and teaching even if they are filled with knowledge.

Pray, notice and research is the basic message of this blog postand the warning is for you not to go astray and dabble in New Age spiritualism. Thank you for reading this.


Leah H


A few recent examples of things that Christians should avoid and stay away from:

What is Lucid Dreaming? 

The Health Ranger Interviews Jim Marrs

How to Decalcify and Activate the Pineal Gland in 8 Steps!




5 thoughts on “Warning About Mike Adams

  1. Thanks for writing this. We started out down the path of natural health several years ago, and New Agery is so heavily intertwined in it, it is difficult to sort out if you don’t know what you’re seeing. People have to pray for discernment in dealing with this subject at all. We had to weed out the New Age things that we were doing a few years back, and get rid of them altogether. I have had concerns about Mike Adams for awhile. Last fall, he was heavily into the “Shemitah” year, “Four Blood Moons” stuff, things that would bait Christians. I wondered at that point if he had gotten saved, but didn’t have anyone to really steer him in the right direction? Then his pendulum seemed to swing again, and he was doing alot of serious New Age topics (like the pineal gland article you attached). Not sure if he’s confused or if it is a purposeful confusion…I haven’t figured it out. I’ve kept watching him because I have appreciated some of what he has written, however, I had to unfollow him on Facebook last week though…he had an utterly blasphemous article about how Jesus was possibly a stoner, how He had to use cannabis oil for healing, and how Jesus likely used marijuana based on so called historically or archeological events. I don’t necessarily have an opinion on medical marijuana. I have not studied it alot. My understanding is that the oil itself does not have a “high”, and that is what has the healing properties. I do however need to walk away from anyhow who believes that Jesus either required things of this world to heal, or that He used mind altering substances. I will be praying for Mr. Adams though. http://www.naturalnews.com/052902_Jesus_Christ_medical_marijuana_Biblical_scripture.html

    I’ve read that Alex Jones is a higher level Freemason, I think these two are fairly connected to each other? Maybe there’s a connection there as well…with the Freemasonry? I don’t know. Just a thought.

    In our house, we have changed to more of a real food focus, Paleo diet in my case due to autoimmune issues, with some supplements, and use of some herbs to deal with things like rare colds, cough syrups, topical ointments, etc….avoiding all the “spiritual” end of it all. What are your thoughts on essential oils? I have not really “gone there.” It gets tiring and frustrating trying to weed through the muck just to feel better. And the New Age just seems to be flooding in more and more, which is a total sign of the times. Even “professing” Christians don’t want to see it, and call you ridiculous or a liar if you try to point it out. Seems that very few people want truth anymore.

    Thanks for your blog too, I’ve been enjoying it for awhile. Always good to find folks with eyes that see. Take care!


    • yes you are totally right and thank you for your comment! Yes some are unaware of the New Age religion infiltrating our lives, our churches and our media, etc. I don’t even think they call it New Age and I know it has many different names. I think for them it is being spiritual or becoming one with the universe or connecting to other spiritual people or being one with the environment…there are so many avenues for New Age. I didn’t know anything about it when I first got saved. There are Christians who just don’t know much about it and there are people who are mingled in the web of it and don’t see what they are doing. It is a modern loose interpretation of the bible and in New Evangelicism….a modern Christianity that accepts Eastern religions and mixes in Buddhism and Hinduism. It tries to include everything for the sake of peace.

      Thanks again, I hope people will look into this more and also see your comment. God bless and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and/or Reddit or Twitter.


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