Listen to Gail Riplinger and See If You Still Trust Your Modern Versions of the Bible

New Age Bible VersionsI use the King James Bible and trust it as truth. This is the English Bible. It is constantly being attacked and has been since it came out. Today’s critics are scholars are attacking it today which are really lukewarm Christians who use intelligent sounding logic. I used to use many versions myself but after reading about Tyndale in Foxes’ Book of Martyrs, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I discerned and knew without a doubt that the Textus Receptus is the true preserved underlying Greek and Hebrew Bible that gave us the revival of Christianity all over the world and has always had the most attacks. Tyndale was given God’s divine Spirit in his ministry to translate the Bible to English.

Perhaps you have been influenced by the scholars that promote modern versions through scholarly criticism and discussion. In love and sincere care, I hope that you will listen to a simple interview with Gail Riplinger who wrote the book, “New Age Bible Versions”. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct you and to give you discernment to know the truth so that you will not be in confusion and be certain that you have the truth in your hands. This may change your whole life starting today. I will pray for anyone who decides to watch this video through this post and if you are a King James Bible reader, please join me in a prayer today. This is so important for what is coming in the future and our armor includes a Sword of the Spirit which is the word of God, the Bible. Make sure you have a strong sword for what is coming.



Update 12-23-15

Here is another great video related to Gail Riplinger’s research. This is so powerful that I do not know why anyone would use a modern translation after listening to this. Even if you believe the King James Bible is the true English Bible, I hope everyone will see this following video because of the time we are living in where the truth is constantly being blotted out. I don’t know how much longer something like this will be available for us to listen to. If you are adamant on continuing in Roman Catholicism, in Ecumenical Christianity or going to an NIV using church or believe Catholics, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses are Christians….please stop subscribing to this website, from Reddit or Twitter. Because if you are just brushing off what is important and continuing to live in deception, nothing I say or write or put forth will be relevant to your life. I am a nobody. I am not getting paid, I do not make a living on this, I am not connected to any big ministries or churches. I am a nobody in this world. But I am a Christian and my brothers and sisters in Christ will know what I am saying and know that this is important information. If you are hearing these truths for the first time, now is the time to make changes in your life. Stop using the modern versions right now and throw them away, including the ones your children have. Please see my Bible Resources Page so you can know where to get a King James Bible. God bless you.



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