How the NWO and the Media Will Use San Bernadino

san bernadino


The information is pouring in. I could start posting up videos and links but so is everyone else so I will keep media to a minimum. The reason for this post is not news but commentary. This is more than my opinion. It is more than what we see on the surface. What is the overall purpose? Without flipping out on what I say please see what I have because I will keep it short and then you can ponder on it tonight.

The purpose of the San Bernadino shootings is to cause divisions of race and religion. It is a way for liberals and the media to push a false sense of peace in urging people to discuss it with so called moderate Muslims as the Muslims and the liberals come to peace agreement of tolerance. They will try to make it seem that most of Islam is against terrorism. I want you to know that it is not completely true because they never ask the right questions like, “Do you want Sharia in the USA?” “Do you support CAIR?” “Do you support Saudia Arabia?” “Do you support Hamas?” “Do you recognize Israel as a nation?” ….questions such as these. How about….”Does your mosque support other Muslim countries that behead or persecute Christians?”… There are others but you won’t hear them discuss the hard questions. Don’t forget that there is such thing as Taquiya in Islam that allows Muslims to lie to infidels for the sake of benefiting Islam. They can’t be trusted. Not even the moderates. That doesn’t mean hate them or be rude or treat them harshly because of their race. That means to be cautious and don’t get too close because their goals in Jihad even if stealth or to convince you to trust in Allah in any way will dead to danger even if only spiritual. We are not to be equally yoked with unbelievers. Be friends but not best friends. Do not marry them or have your closest relationships with them. Jesus said to love our enemies but also say to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. Serpents have a plan and doves escape death by flying away. Watch what you say because we are always being recorded and remember God hears you as well. God does not want us to hate people or to hurt people or wish that anyone would die. We are aware and careful while doing our best to show the love of God. Love according to the world is about global peace from war and tolerance that accepts all religions as true and equal. That is not the kind of love the bible teaches. Love cares about others and their souls and does not act sweet while people go to hell. It is love to tell them the truth about Jesus and to give people kindness when they hate us. Love also is about protecting our children and our communities from spiritual and physical danger. Pray for Muslims and also do not be afraid to tell them about Jesus especially now in these times where it is the end of free speech.

That is another reason why this incident happened. To stifle free speech and protect Islam while demonizing other religions. Loretta Lynch and Obama loretta lynchand their administration are favorable to Islam but unfavorable to Christianity. This is part of the downfall of America and other countries as well as the morality and truth of God’s word. People without God act differently and they don’t care they are foul mouthed and/or liars for the most part and have hate in their hearts. Part of these lies includes you to join in interfaith services at a mosque which are really just Islamic faiths getting stupid ignorant Americans to worship Allah. Interfaith is spiritual idolatry. It is leading to the one world religion of the Antichrist. The bible says all will worship the beast. How are they going to do this? This push for interfaith, ecumenism and emergent church spirituality which combines religions into one faith, one people, one world faith. It is spiritual perversion.

Other reasons are for the obvious, for gun control and for new gun control laws and to make people have a different attitude towards guns. It is propaganda in order to change the dumbed down society. The liberals no matter their education will go along with every wicked thing. There are no Christian liberals. And no…I do not support Republicans or Bush either. Much of the gun control media claims are half-truths to make it seem guns and availability of guns are the problem. Please look at history and see how dictators pushed gun control to the dumbed down society as well. Chicago is proof that gun control doesn’t work. You will not be able to protect yourself while criminals have the guns. Even part of the government may be able to abuse their powers. Don’t forget I am in California near Los Angeles in a small town and even we received military equipment. They need to justify bringing in tanks and military equipment for our community officers. It will be normalized by the lie that because the citizens are equipped with high tech powerful weapons, we must be more militarized in order to combat these gun holding maniacs. They are demonizing the wrong people. They didn’t close our borders or speak about making it more difficult for people from radicalized Islamic countries to come to our country so easily. Instead they are bringing them in and mocking us being afraid of orphans and widows. As if women and children from Islamic countries can not do any harm. The underwear bomber and one of the Boston bombers was young, too. The Muslim extremists including women and children and their widows and orphans may be just as determined to carry out jihad against the West. gun control for dummies

Not only gun control but demonizing Christian conservatives who want to uphold the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. They will become the biggest enemies of these mind altered liberals and they will end up hating you and me. And without God it will get very ugly with vulgar language, violence, threats, suing people and spitting on them and every disgusting thing including getting them fired from their positions at work. People will get so incredible disgusting and have no thought and sense to realize what they have become. Morality is being pulverized in the new modern “progressive” age of science. They do as they feel and what is feels good or has a nice veneer is good enough for them to live by, at least this year and may change the next. Their ideas are very changeable when there is no absolute truth. They will have no care about life and will not hesitate to allow people to get persecuted or even killed. It will get worse soon. Media, places of education and distractions such as sports, movies and electronic entertainment are their biggest influences. Satan works in them all.

One of the most ignored reasons but one you will soon start to see is the access to the internet and to alternative news information. Soon all of it will be screened and moderated. You will become the terrorist. Muslims will never be the terrorist and as politically correct monsters are being created in the universities and colleges, more of us will be muzzled. As people without God eat their daily dose of propaganda like food… they will look to false science and philosophy and the medicine of approved pharmaceutical drugs. Without God they will make these things as gods and be obsessive with their endevours to avoid the truth of Jesus Christ every possible way. They have become enemies of the cross and have been learning false history and facts concerning God. Jesuits and Catholics will continue the false narrative in making people think that ecumenical interfaith dialogue will be the new spirituality fix while demonizing the conservative fundamental Christians and their KJV. I pray that you will understand the importance of why it needs to be your main bible if you don’t get it yet.

Well this is basically it. I have explained it quickly to you so you can think about it as you see the news pouring in. I don’t know if it is a false flag like Sandy Hook. I mistakenly got on that too quickly. I don’t want to make assumptions or quick judgments. That will be part of their plans to carry out their wicked purposes and to accuse alternative media outlets. What I do know is what the tragedy is being used for. Please take a look and just be aware of these things and don’t allow anyone to have a reason to accuse you of handling this all in haste and ignorance. Pray for these people and for the liars and deceivers to be exposed. May they be able to see the truth and repent of unbelief.

God bless.

Psalms 2:1   Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

Psalms 2:2   The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying,

Psalms 2:3   Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.


What should we be doing? God is first. Don’t forget that. Pray for people and for yourself to not be deceived. Pray for wisdom in these times. Pray for boldness to tell people about Jesus. Pray for courage among the wolves and the dogs who hate us. Pray about everything and don’t freak out on the news. It is overwhelming. Don’t spend so much time on the news. Keep a limit on it. Listen to sermons and read your bible and go to church. Volunteer and help people and ask the Lord for courage to tell the people around you about Jesus. Time is getting short and our religious freedoms are being taken away. Immoral people like those in Sodom will demand that their rights are more important than yours and will take everything from you and make everything your fault. Keep calm, pray, read His word and say no to all the other junk from TBN and Catholics and New Agers and lukewarm Christians. Just today (and this often happens to me) someone had to tell me that my comments are based on my interpretations of the bible and I have to look at what scholars say. Oh brother, the pharisees still exist. The bible is plain and for us average folk. Ignore them. We have the Holy Spirit to understand the plain meaning of the bible. If they have doctorates or have gone to seminary or some kind of bible college, they will ooze intelligent mumbo jumbo but it’s all talk and deception from their Jesuit trained teachers. Trust God and His word. It is really very simple and God is with us. Don’t let people and the news and all the chaos that is going on distract you from what is important.


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