Nobody Died At Sandy Hook

Nobody-Died-At-Sandy-Hook-700x394 (1)

Sounds pretty shocking to people who have no idea of this false flag. I love the title of this book. The title alone is full of power and intrigue. It is enough to make a doubtful liberal to hate it without reading it. But that is it’s benefit. It will be an effective tool. I believe there are books that have the ability to stir people up and to wake them up from the slumber of what they have been lotted into as a good little citizen of the New World Order. This is this person that is rolling their eyes when I even mention the New World Order. By now, half of them already clicked off this page to throw a mini-fit and went back to their entertainment web page or to watch their music videos. They have no idea they are slaves to the New World Order that puts them into the life of living according to what they are programmed to live. They are asleep to the truth and real life. They are in an Orwellian world that turns them into biased dumbed down blind liberal consumers occupied with shallow cult of LGBT activists, entertainment and sports and sex. They are deterred from reading anything that would wake themselves up and would cleanse their mind and soul. What is evil is programmed in their mind to be good and what is good is programmed to be evil so that when they read the title of this they are rolling their eyes with the assumption that is a lie of “conspiracy theorists”. Their programming is set to hate anything good. The bible, truth, righteousness, morality are like acid to their souls so they will automatically roll their eyes and shut it off and hate it and scream at it and start cussing. It has become a world wide slumber.

Be calm and realize that this book is banned from Amazon for a reason. Go to Amazon and Put in the search box: “Nobody Died At Sandy Hook” in Books. You won’t find it there. But search for “Mein Kamf” and it will be there. “The Joy of Gay Sex” is there. “The Satanic Bible” is there.  This is censorship. Why would this book be banned? Think about it. Because it is false information? No, because they are giving you facts to see that it was a false flag event for gun control. If this gets exposed, the whole Pandora box of false flags will be exposed and people will wake up and the Illuminati, the elite or globalists, whatever you want to call them…can’t have these gun control laws and to bring on chaos into the government little by little until you are a full blown communist that will hate the Constitution and Christians and anyone who would protect this country. These liberals would die for their country and their liberal leaders instead of living for Christ. Obama and the Democrat party has become their gods. There are no Democratic Christians and the Republicans are corrupted and more secret in their corruption but you will see the Republicans that are allowing this to happen all have the same goals. Not just Democrats in this country but the liberals, progressives and the evolutionist worshippers and climate change alarmists in every country.

Well that said…here is the pdf so you can have free an online copy of the book. If you want a hard copy of the book and to support this book. It is $20 at More Sandy Hook banned books and links are at Red Rice Radio if you would like to check out their blog and subscribe.

I also want to mention that the most transforming book of truth and should be the book on your night stand, in your purses, in your briefcase, in your car trunk, in your backpack with pages that are crumpled by mere use and rereading should be the Bible. In English it is the King James Bible. Please see the Resources Page to know where to get one.




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