The Age of Transhumanism: Angelina Jolie Pushes the Narrative

jolie in horns

Life is no longer natural. Your air, your water, your soil, your food has been manipulated in order to change your DNA and turn all into a hybrid being. Many scientists are gone spiritually giving up the truth of God’s word. They live in their fantasy utopia world of a future of progression. It is like the Brave New World fiction that they aim to emulate. What seems bizarre is very desirable. They want a world of “improved” beings without disease or undesirables. The goal is perfect beings of a mixed race without families, without God, without poverty. For them it is perfectly good to bring the population figures down. It is their non-discrip way of telling us they want to kill people in order to depopulate. Africa first. Africa is the experimental hub of scientists for bio technology. They tell them it is good to take this vaccine while they kill and sterilize the populations. If it works, the rest of the undesirables will get the vaccine.

Do you remember what Angelina Jolie did? She had her healthy breasts taken off.  With all the natural cures
and preventative treatments, she chose to have medical doctors hack off her breasts in a double angelina jolie tattoos 1mastectomy. Not only that, she had her ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed.  Did God make her to be that way? No. She listened to Satan’s advice because she is now trans-human and her gender is confused in her mind and body.  Her body is marked up with tattoos. Although her face has the feminine features God gave her, she given her soul to Satan. Women will
follow her because she is a celebrity but they will follow her to hell because that is the direction she is going.


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