Hipocracy of Liberals Regarding Refugees

trojan horse

A mere wall separates these refugees from us. They are on the other side of the wall of the apartments and homes we live in. They go to the schools our children go to.  Politicians and people who support this should do the same. If that means they should bring them in their guest rooms and guest houses on their properties, then so be it, this is what they should do. That goes for you too, Obama. Don’t hand pick them…. the average “refugee” is a young Muslim male (75% of them) and his origin is uncertain….most of your refugee friends will not be widows and orphans. The sons and daughters of liberal politicians should be exposed to them as well. All of your children and family should live a wall away from them too. No guns or armed security. Give up your guns and weapons like you want us to do. Allow them to live a wall apart from you. If this is what you wanted for others, lead by example. Stop being hypocrites. You propose things for the masses that you are unwilling to do.  Get Obamacare and give up your current healthcare while you are at it….. hypocrite.




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