Most of the Syrian Refugees Are Really Stealth Jihadists


I know that sounds radical if you are only getting your news from mainstream television and radio. If you are a liberal, it will definitely seem radical. But even though you have been tainted by vaccines and fluoride…please use your common sense. I even made this short for short attention spans.

  1. Most of the refugees are young men. Approximately 75%.  They are not hurt. They are healthy.
  2.  The refugees are not only coming from Syria but about 12 countries. Some have no passports and some have gotten rid of their passports and some have bought their passports. These “refugees” are not only Syrian refugees.
  3. Approximately 98% of the refugees are Muslim. They want Sharia and want to live under Sharia law and do not care about the laws or assimilating in any way to the countries they go to.
  4. If they were refugees, they would bring their families and their parents and grandparents. Did they leave them to die in Syria? No, the young men are coming here on purpose. Only 18% of the refugees are women and children and families. Obama lied to the public mocking conservatives for being afraid of widows and orphans. Widows and orphans are not even 5% of the refugees. Even so, Islamic children are taught that dying for Allah is honorable even as a child and women will agree to suicide missions.
  5. Crime is rising in the countries they go to. In Islam they consider non-Muslims as infidels and believe they have the right to rape the women. This is very muted in the media but I hope you will look it up.
  6. If they do not bring their women, who will they marry? American women? Who will they have relations with? Do you think they will hold their lusts? In Islamic countries it is normal to marry children.
  7. How many do you believe are terrorists? If only 1/4 of a percent are jihadists… that would make 2,500 jihadists.
  8. Islam aims to make other countries Sharia and eventually Islamic. If they are all brethren, why are not the Muslim nations taking in the refugees.
  9. How will you know if these people are not Jihadists? What kind of vetting do you think governments are using to vet these Islamist’s?  By asking them questions and trusting their words?
  10. We are in debt. Why would we be putting so much into housing, feeding and transporting them here? The organizations who are taking them in are Catholics, Lutherans and Jews who are paid for each person. They are not real Christians. They are not concerned about bringing Christians who are being persecuted, raped, crucified, beheaded and killed for just being Christian but instead they are welcoming Muslims?
  11. Look at the amount of trash the migrants are leaving behind. They defecate in public and even on public transportation. These refugees are not civilized.
  12. Politicians put the refugees in communities away from their own homes and away from their immediate families. If they are very concerned. They would allow to take an average small amount of refugees to live with them in their homes and their guest houses. They don’t care about the no-go zones communities they live in as well. I hope Merkel tries to walk in one in disguise to see what happens and see if she feels safe. She won’t because she is a hypocrite allowing her country to go in debt, increase in crime and eliminate her German culture.
  13. The average Muslim family has 8 children while Europeans are encouraged to have 2 children max. The abortion and fornication culture is normal among unbelieving westerners as well. Some Muslims have multiple wives and an extended family. The majority of them are living on welfare.
  14. Obama keeps saying that our moral values are what is the reason why we must take them in. Unfortunately we do not have the same values as Obama and he deepening the debt faster than any other president. He does not go to church regularly and when he does it is to a lukewarm church.  Don’t forget he spent 20 years going to a black theology racist church before having his pastor’s words and ideas go public.
  15. What is painted in the media regarding the refugees is false.  They do not go into how many Muslims are in favor of ISIS, making the USA Islamic, support the views of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah.


I can go on….really but I think this enough for you to think about and research on your own.


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