Heavy Illuminati Programming in Kids Shows

pyramid glass

I have kids. They are getting older now but once in a while my 14 year old still likes to watch animated shows. I loved the Simpsons when they first came out. I still like to watch King of the Hill once in a while. Sometimes they get Gravity Falls Pyramiddisgusting and I have to shut them off. I can’t watch the Simpsons anymore because there is cussing, sexual innuendo and crazy ideas on what Christianity is. I stopped watching that one.  There is this show that my son puts on once in a while. We both stopped watching TV pretty much. But there are a few shows he likes to watch. One of them is called Gravity Falls and the other Teen Titans.  Since I have been researching NWO topics for a few years now, it is weird because I can see all the Illuminati influence in these shows. Last night I attempted to say something about it. Often there are characters in Gravity Falls that are yellow pyramid aliens with a single eye. I said to my son, “You know, those pyramids are Illuminati symbols.” He got so defensive, cut me off and started to tell me I was being crazy. I get the same reaction from my older son who is 20. They totally think I am nuts and love to call me a “conspiracy Gravity Fallstheorist.” I don’t know if any of you guys are having similar moments. I don’t argue it too much or involve them in my research. I just try to keep them from things and encourage good things because when something goes down I don’t want them to be connected to me and have to pay that price that I may have to in exposing truth. My older son is actually going to be a police officer and my younger one hasn’t decided but if they are linked to me in that way, I don’t know what kind of suffering they will go through.

Please see an episode of Gravity Falls. If you have cable television you can watch other shows. The Illuminati influence is heavy duty as you will see.

Please see a clip of Teen Titans Go. This is from Nickelodeon and is heavy on transhumanism and sorcery. (This one normalizes LGBT)


Update 4-3-17
Your Children Are Being Programmed – Corbett Report


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