All of Us Are Near Skid Row Life

skid row

I’m working on a project. I am not sure if I want to reveal it here. I am working on charity project for skid row. I am close to downtown Los Angeles. Skid row is not far from where I live. I have been near here and passed through and even visited skid row. I want to tell you it is scary as heck. It is concentrated in one area here in Los Angeles. These people all look scary. I have brought my kids here once….and it was to serve meals at the Union Rescue Mission. It is culture shock. I don’t recommend you even come here unless you are in a group and it is during the day and it is for a short visit. It really will scare you. Not to far from there I went to college. It was very scary. I actually had to disguise myself at night to look like a man. I had to pass near people smoking and doing drugs and drunks and mentally ill people just sitting on the sidewalks. Sometimes I would give them food or like a dollar or 2 just to protect my piece of crap car.  One of my friends got her car broken into just to get a jacket.  That was the only thing missing. I feel really bad about those people but you know what…. a lot of those people started off normal. Some started off in normal families. Some are a result of poverty and the father leaving, because of drugs, because of losing their house, because of abuse, because they have been evicted. Don’t think it won’t happen to you. Especially if you are Christian. When the mark of the beast comes, you will lose your house and everything you have.  As the economy gets worse and foreigners take your job and you can’t pay for a car or anything… you don’t know if you are going to end up here.

This movie is sad. I am not joking. It is dreary. Get something happy to go because it might affect you to feel down. The next movie will have more hope. If you want to help, please check out the Union Rescue Mission website and donate or volunteer or see how you can help. Pray for them. God bless you.


Holy Night Gospel Tract



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