They are Trying to Kill Us: Do not take the Flu Shot [Part 1]

flu shot poison

Who is they? How are they trying to kill us? This is a very large subject and I don’t think I could cover it all but there does exist a global elite agenda. Just like the Georgia Guide Stones are telling us part of their peace plan. They want to depopulate the earth. They are the elites. They have different names and different groups all pushing for many of the same goals. They want peace and unity on earth. They want this system to collapse so that a new global plan can come forth. They are not Christians. Some are false Christians who have been deceived. It is the idea of a coming utopia, the dawning of the new age of Aquarius, the new Atlantis theory, the idea of heaven on earth and bringing on the kingdom. They are Illuminati, Freemasons, New Agers, Christian Mystics, Catholic idolaters, Muslim Freedom Fighters, Buddhists and Hindus awaiting their Lord Maitreya, Satanists wanting to destroy religion, Wiccans wanting to be free from Georgia Guide StonesChristians, liberals pushing Agenda 21, the false global warming narrative and trans-humanism and other future idealized plans for the masses. They actually believe they are doing good for society and the planet. You are their enemy.  It is all very shocking I realize and I expect to see people angry over this post to down vote it. But a few will know I am telling the truth and some will research in their anger and get informed. It is not too late for you to repent and look towards Jesus. Repent of your old ways of thinking that push out the true God of Israel and repent and put your trust on Jesus. Follow Jesus because this is the only way you can be saved. Through the Son is the only way. There is no other way. Wake up and get right with God and have eternal life in Jesus. If you are already a born again Christian, praise God brothers and sisters. Please help me wake up people. Only people like us who are willing to give the gospel and tell the truth will be able to wake people up from their slumber.

Dont get your flu shot



California Officials Increass Mercury-Laced Vaccines for Children and Pregnant Women

Hidden Science Reveals Major Tamiflu Scam

Measles Outbreak Traced to Vaccinated Woman Who Spread the Disease

Concordia Professor Condemns HPV Vaccine After Winning $270K Federal Grant to Study It

flu shots not hereU.S. Citizens March on CDC Headquarters in Atlanta to Protest Vaccine Science Corruption

The Most Dangerous Vaccine, Adjuvant, Will Be Used For Older Folks’ Flu Vaccine

Flu Shot Remains the Most Dangerous Vaccine Based On Injuries and Deaths Compensated By Government

Los Angeles Local Libraries Are Offering Free Flu Shots



Natures flu shot



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