American Psyops Training is Aimed Towards You


When Satan tried to deceive Eve in the Garden, he used words that confused her and got her to think differently. Deception has been a tactic of Satan since he rebelled. It is what he used to bring a third of the angels with him. It is the battle over the mind. Propaganda and programming. It is a game, a devised plan. Who is the one telling the deception so that you believe it? Truth plus lie is a deception. Who is the one influencing and for what purpose? If you have a good person influencing society such as a hero who in brave acts saves the children from a burning building.  By his honor and heroism, he causes young men and women to do the same. By the local government and community, he is presented awards and accolade for his acts.

But what if the government is corrupt and the community is corrupt? What if they prefer to uplift a racist eugenicist who promoted the killing of children in the womb or a wicked communist who killed his own people who did not agree with him. Can this possibly be? Yes, it is historical and repeats itself quite often and will become the norm.

woe to them Obama    Do you think that the influence of Obama is having any effect? What about his views about the LGBT and Muslims? Does it stay in his mind as opinion or is he pushing laws and influence and promoting his views on the people? Are children taught differently about LGBT and Islam than they were 50-100 years ago? Yes, because a society will always rise with the backing of Satan to promote sin as good and what is worthy and honorable as criminal. It is criminal to catch a fish when you are hungry. It is criminal to save rainwater and make a pond in your own backyard. It is considered hate speech to say homosexuality is wrong.  If you try to show something is wrong and false you are a “conspiracy theorist” as if it is a label to shun people. In Europe if you speak out against immigration or against Islam then you are a “racist” and people will make what you say as public shame even if it is correct.


Recently, Alex Jones said he comes from a family of Freemasons. He did not condemn it or say that he does not attend their meetings but I think he is admitting that he is one. I already knew he had a wrong view of Christianity and could possibly be New Age or in a compromising version of Christianity. When you see people believe that Catholics are Christians, then you know they are either ignorant or part of the delusion.  I don’t believe everything he says and I do not agree with Libertarians like Jones and some of his cast reporters. I believe there is truth but also he seems to be mentally warped by his allegiance with darkness in Freemasonry and a corrupt version of Christianity. Use discernment and the word of God as you glean through his reports. Truth seems to be difficult to find.

Question: I’m a little confused by your post. The video was pretty much nonsense. Psyops are real and they are bad ass… and they are trained to change views. Is that a bad thing? Good thing? What do you know about them? (FYI – that’s not their patch. It’s not even close)

Answer:  It depends on who they try to change the views on. For example….making ISIS to become more docile and move away from Islam to Christianity would make that region calmer and would disperse that group to disband. But if the army considers it’s own citizens who are for the Constitution, who are patriotic, who are Evangelical or anti-abortionists or people who do not like Obama’s views and agenda….then changing their views is diabolical.
It all boils down to, “Who needs to have their views changed and from what to what?” We already have shills that frequent this room. I think exposing the hidden is great and that is why many people come here but making them believe a lie is wrong. Let people think for themselves.
I like the 1st and 2nd amendment. Does that make me a domestic terrorist? If I am against Muslim Brotherhood and open borders, do I need to have my views changed? If I do not trust CNN or MSNBC do I need to have my views changed? Who makes the standards for what is right and wrong and acceptable and unacceptable. If you have a corrupt group, they will promote more corruption and call it good and demonize anyone who does not agree with them. Isn’t this how Hitler came into power? By lies and propaganda so that people allowed this to happen and even idolized a corrupt ruler with their total loyalty? Even allowing the death to Jews and undesirables? Who does the Army answer to? Someone completely fair, sane and morally and financially responsible? Their commander in chief is Obama and the military is helping to guard poppy fields for the Opium industry. They spend 500 million on training men who for the most part went to ISIS. They also allowed a fleet of Toyotas and Hummers into their hands and are training “moderate” Muslims who hate America. It is all diabolical and wrong.

Anyways. I hope you will see that Psyop program science is great but the people running it and the purposes are not always great so will lead to a lot of wrong doing.

Mein Kamf

Visit CA2NWO American Psyop Playlist

In making this post, lots crossed my mind on what to write and to tell the truth I would write for hours if I could….but people’s attention spans are small and I only want to give enough for you to think.

To protect your mind and to know what is true…. read the bible and ask the Lord to teach you and protect your mind. Make a decision of loyalty to a Holy God who has the capability to save or send to hell and in fear and in love, know that we have a Saviour who has promised us liberty and will give us eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

 Galatians 5:1   Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.


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