Picking the Most Important Issues to Turn the Tides

dumbed down

Our world is becoming a cesspool of violence and ignorance mislead by propaganda and lies.

I blame myself but the most blame should be on PASTORS and PARENTS.

I’ve already spoke about how pastors need to break away from the numbers game and pretending all is well. If your church is 501c3, has female clergy, has gay members, using the NIV, the members having nopays their pastor more than a plumber has member’s children going to public or private schools run by Jesuits and atheists….this is an indication you are going to take the mark of the beast and be deceived and are on a down spiral of becoming a false church.

1) Migrant Crisis –  Liberals pushing open borders and globalism to ruin the economy, bring in criminals that can’t migrant crisisbe vetted, and change the county’s heritage and religious beliefs. Help by not only telling our Congress and Senators which will probably won’t listen if they are Democrats (aka Communist Dictators) but will flood their office with our pleas and concerns but also do grass roots outreach to inform people with social media and word of mouth. Do not be ashamed for being American and wanting to protect our country. News is being suppressed. Protest peacefully. Be the opposite of Black Lives Matter which is funded by Soros and incites more violence and shows the depravity of their intelligence and civility. The majority of citizens have been brainwashed by media propaganda which is completely liberal. Even FOX and NEWSMAX. They are being prepped exactly how the Nazis were and say nothing about Christians being murdered or are doing anything about it. The Christians and Veterans and anyone who believes the Constitution is the law of the land (and it is but liberals don’t want to believe that because they think it is the opposite of their trans-humanist idea progress and a false hope utopia of world peace which will never exist)


2) Public and Private Schools – Designed by liberals, taught by liberals with a liberal agenda. Your kids will become atheists and put faith in their flawed egos and evolution instead. They will fornicate and dabble in homosexuality, and likely try drugs and alcohol. The environment of schools today is hostile towards Christianity, conservative values and liberty. It also is opposed to helping Veterans and eliminating racism. (They think we are racist if we do not promote minority races and give them more privileges while demeaning whites.) There are many wrong ideas out there. They are coming out of the public and private schools. For the hundredth time….pastors, please have home cell schools for your church children and teenagers and even college age children. You can help nazi indoctrinated children in the USAthem to become more intelligent and have better speaking skills and they will more prepared than the children and teens going to public and private schools which are being dumbed down and producing liberals. Your boys are being feminized and your girls are becoming short-haired rebellious feminists. They will end up becoming like the loveless Nazi children that turn in their neighbors and parents for going against the liberal agenda. These publically funded schools are creating the seeds of the generation that hates Christ and the family.



3) Stop Supporting Large Corporations – If you are still going to Starbucks, the Disney Store, Home Depot, buying Kellogg cereal, Campbell’s Soup and shopping at Walmart, you are still in the dark and do not know that these large corporations fund LGBT agenda, liberal agenda, promote GMOs, and the deterioration of the family. Buy raw milk, organic foods, have an organic garden, make your own clothes, make your own soup. Speak out and put together protests and spread the word. Become informed shoppers. Know where things are being made. Know about the ingredients and packaging and if they have carcinogens which are known to cause cancer.  Stop your dependency on pharmaceuticals and learn about the alternative medicine that they don’t want you to use because they will lose money.  Technology is great but it it also killing us. Too much time on Wi-Fi, playing video games, watching TV and even putting your phone to your ear will affect you physically and even bring harm to your body and mind. Apple and Microsoft care about profits more than your health. Your local energy company is corrupt and has already demanded that you put in their cell damaging smart meters and want you hooked to the grid. Cars that run on solar power were already invented in the 70’s and 80’s….but the government wants you to continue using foreign oil or that would mean they would have to cut off ties with countries that hate us and support terrorist groups. Everything  wicked that is being funded goes back to where you spend your money and time in doing.


large corporation monapoly

These are the three things that need to be changed the most but if you have more I will gladly add them. Please comment and let me know what you think of this.



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