How to Stop These College Shootings

King David

We are getting a lot of news about gun control. They want to take guns away from normal people who want to protect themselves. Wake up! This is what is done before a country gets total control and dictatorship.

I am an average person and not an expert on the matter but I am not going to be quiet in a corner and feel like things are out of control in a godless world where liberals seem to love taking away our rights.

Here are some simple ways you can stop these shootings. It will scare people from even trying anything. God doesn’t raise us to be weaklings. As Americans we care about our country and our family and friends. We are not like the savages and psychotic drugged up losers that are killing people all around the world. Our liberal government is making us out to be the potential terrorists but we are the unsung heroes, the ones that will stand up for others. We don’t need permission to save lives.

saddling up


We are the home of the brave. Schools and media are trying to feminize you and make you weaklings but you need to know as Christian men you strong and able. Protect your classmates and don’t be afraid. Look to the men in the bible like Gideon and David. Regular men with courage who were able to protect their country with leadership and courage. Ben Carson said recently that you need to get others to get this guy instead of being killed off one by one. I thought about the courageous men who were on flight 93 and they said “Let’s roll” before they took on armed terrorists on a plane and kept that plane from hitting the White House. They didn’t worry about death, they were dead already sitting still letting the terrorist take control. There are more of you than there are shooters. Yell out, “Let’ roll” as you throw a desk or chair into the shooters head. All the men should pounce on him and take away his gun and bind him up. Ask him questions before the police get there. “Why are you doing this? Are you on meds? Who is your lord or who do you serve? Who gave you the guns and where did you get the money for it?” Know that they will never say they are not on meds and are born again bible believing Christians. I want you to know it is better to have only a few shot then the whole room killed and tortured. You are stronger than the loser who is probably possessed by demons. The whole world is more violent. It is a fact of life but you don’t have to have a frightened victim mentality. God gave you good upper body strength and the power and desire to protect people. Remember the Americans in France who stopped a potential mass shooting. They just attacked him with no guns and brought him down. Do you think they should have waited for police to show up? No, they took action and were brave men.


Women are born to know to protect their children.  Use what God has given you and learn how to use the desks, tables and chairs to protect you and hide you and direct people safely crawling on the floor like a soldier dodging bullets and get everyone out. Without stopping, call 911 and take pics and video. Record what happened and get to safety quick. Some of the kids will be shocked and frozen and some will be crying and some will be panicked….do your best to get everyone out. Don’t let anyone confiscate your phone. Don’t let them take it! Keep the video on an SD card but don’t let them take this away from you. You can leave the phone on the 911 call so the operator can record and know what is going on. Unfortunately we have the worst main stream media (MSM) news in the world and they WILL twist things and erase things. Remember that most of the reporters are liberals for gun control. They and this Obama administration have an agenda. Email the police and if you need to send it to the media, send it to alternative media first. These people are not as well funded but they put out accurate news. Here is a list of alternative news outlets you might want to consider:

World News Daily

Freedom Outpost

Natural News

Activist Post

CNS News


Front Page Mag

The Daily Caller

Western Journalism

#3) ACT NOW!

Don’t wait until police arrive during a mass shooter episode. He knows there will be cops soon and will try to do the most damage before killing himself before police arrive.  Take full control before they arrive. Don’t be afraid. When the police arrive then give them the lead but until they get there, you are the lead and there to protect lives. Don’t argue or fight over who is the top person in the group. Consider yourselves to be a team. Again, don’t let them take your phones and if they do, get that SD card ready to keep with you.


Don’t let the colleges have drills and let that be your only preparation. it’s not enough. Learn CPR and train to be the protection force instead of just the calm victim that colleges train you to be. Strengthen your body and be prepared with survival skills. You never know when you will need them.

I just want to also mention that Oath Keepers and Marine veterans are willing to train you on how to fight these coward shooters and to take them down quick without a gun. Learn this because with all the questionable immigrants coming into the country, you may have to do this again.

Constitutionalist military and police group offers teachers free gun training

Psych drugs are so common and they have deadly side effects. The kids on these drugs need to be known who they are. Some are seeing psychologists and are suicidal. Some are satanists and some are Muslims taught to hate.  Leave them alone and just keep an eye on them.  These are the ones likely to go bezerk.  There are some homeopathic doctors who can help eliminate some of the drugs naturally because often today’s common doctors are over-prescribing and reaping the financial benefits of these dangerous drugs. The drugs cause them to think they are in a video game and things are not real. Doctors prescribing these drugs are part of the problem.


This is last but really should be on your mind always. Remember God is with you and thank Him if you get out of it alive. Pray for the families who lost loved ones and gently with kindness, tell people about Jesus because without God, the population becomes wicked and will look to false gods and drugs and alcohol and sorcery and satanic death culture. Encourage a Christian presence instead of trying to eliminate Jesus but only allow other religions and eastern mystical influences. Stop being ashamed of being a Christian. Atheism is also a religion. They do gather and have their own ideas of how the earth was formed and how to live according to their own morality. These like to attack but just be prepared for them and the media with your own study of the Constitution and God’s word because they would love to put your beliefs down and make you look stupid.

 Matthew 10:28   And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.


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