Why You Should NOT Support National Breast Cancer Awareness Charities This Month

pink ribbon cult

I like to give to charities, a lot.  But I will not give money to Susan G Komen and other breast cancer or any cancer charities.  They use the money in the worst irresponsible ways with wealthy CEOs. They do not care about alternative or holistic cancer research. They have a backwards reality on what medicine is and will NEVER EVER FIND A CURE. It is a waste of money and time. What I do promote is the people. I love making hats for men, women and children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.  I like giving to homeless shelters, women’s crisis shelter and chemo factspregnancy crisis centers.  My mother does the same, giving boxes of free toys and necessities and things to people. It makes us happy to give.  But please know, I am not endorsing chemotherapy.  I think it is old, barbaric and poisonous to even use this way to kill breast cancer and many other cancers. But I hope to give a smile and some dignity to them as they go through this brutal and primitive poison cure that makes their hair come out in chunks.

People are getting better using natural methods.  What Angelina Jolie to prevent breast cancer was to have both her healthy breasts removed. People were congratulating her and people were calling this a great move and I am sure it influenced other women to do the same but to a lot of other people who are keen to the lies and tyranny of the medical community that is more concerned about money than cures, this was absolutely disgusting.

This month you will be bombarded by every store, even gas stations and supermarkets to donate and buy pink ribbon items for breast cancer awareness. It is a scam. It is false hope and makes cancer charity non-profit CEOs incredibly wealthy.  I hope you will see some of these videos and see why you should not give money to these charities.

Shock Study: Mammograms a Medical Hoax, Over One Million American Women Maimed By Unnecessary ‘Treatment’ for Cancer They Never Had


Is Susan G Komen Foundation Looking for Cash or a Cure? [5 min]

Komen CEO’s Pay Raise Raises Eyebrows In Non-Profit World

Susan G Komen Mammogram Scam [9 Min]

Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money [5 min]

Breast Cancer Charity Scams [18 min]

‘Pink Ribbons,’ Tied Up With More Than Hope

Please see our Events/Petitions Page to see how you can do something about this Pink Ribbon Cult


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