A Lot Is Happening In the World, Here are 3 Simple Things You Can Do


Well don’t do what the pic shows, do the opposite. I am just showing you what the liberals are promoting.

1) Pass these links to people. Especially to liberals because they are dumber than rocks, even the ones who seem intelligent with many degrees because they bought into the liberal agenda. Half the USA is dumber than rocks because they are actually voting for Jeb and Hilary. You have to be really dumb to vote for them.

2) Don’t be afraid to say things to your friends and family. If it makes them mad, too bad. They will find out you are right sooner or later. Never talk about conspiracies. Have the facts from the CDC and FDA or government sites so you can show them it is a fact and not a conspiracy. Be kind and gentle and very serious. Any hint of crazy and they are walking away.

3) Pray about it. God is SO AMAZING! He listens to us. Prayer is the best wireless connection you have. Pray in the name of Jesus in faith.


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