The World is Our Mission Field. This Includes Syrians and Illegals.

Syrian refugees

I don’t know if all these refugees are really refugees or are invading Europe. I don’t understand why Muslim countries will not take them all in. I don’t know if some are terrorists or they are desperately afraid or getting killed by ISIS. What I do know if that the children are innocent. Some children are brainwashed by Islamic teachers to hate and to desire death to their enemies. The babies don’t get to choose their parents. I really feel for the Syrian infants and small children and all of the Christians and Yazitis.
World Vision  is collecting donations to send to Syria. This is a Christian organization and it is better to give in the name of Jesus. If the US Government sends money to help Syria it will go to help terrorism. There is a donate button on the side bar that goes to World Vision Syrian Crisis. Please join our team to raise money for these children.  Many churches have missionaries all over the world and can help you distribute through them. Please ask your church office if you want to do this. Pray for them that they will see that Christianity is the truth and Islam has nothing good for them except more war and hate. Pray that they will have people giving them the gospel and have good churches in Europe to go to. We need to pray for these people to repent and believe on the true Saviour who is Jesus Christ. Their Koran has a false Jesus that never died on the cross or resurrected or is the Son of God or God. They NEED Jesus and this is how their life will change for the better and they will do what is right and get rid of their hijabs and to bring their families to Christ and be productive loving people. This goes for all the illegals that are flooding the USA. They need Jesus more than anything. Use the opportunities to give their children clothes and supplies IN THE NAME OF JESUS and give them the gospel. Catholicism from South and Central America and Mexico is very idolatrous. They are not saved and they do not know the true Jesus. There are missionaries bringing some to Christ. It can be done. Please speak us and help them especially the young children. Learn Spanish. It will double your employment gospel tractsopportunities as well. God is calling YOU to give the gospel out to those that need it. The harvest is plentiful especially here in the USA. There are more people than you can imagine that need Jesus. Many are falling away from the faith. Be kind and gracious and don’t give them any excuses to say bad things about your conduct and speech. No cussing or yelling when you speak to people and if they don’t want the gospel, leave them a tract and walk away. Don’t force anyone. They may be rude and just throw your tract and yell at you and cuss you out and call you names. Please expect it. Satan is their lord and this is the way they behave without God. Satan lets them believe we are the enemy and we are to be hated and we are the cause of everything. This is the way Satan is deceiving people and allowing persecution to happen world wide. This is how he was able to kill many people under the Nazi regime and unfortunately it is happening again.

  Mark 16:15   And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Matthew 24:14   And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.



Click the Donate to World Vision Syrian Crisis Button to the right in the sidebar to donate.


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