Urgent!: Churches, Please Open a School Free of Charge!

Communistic classesI know I have talked about this before in different posts but I feel this is a crucial time this needs to be done. It no longer can be an idea. It must be started now. Pastors, you are very intelligent men who are able to lead. Your church members have children who are going to public schools and learning things that are against the bible. They are in these schools more than church. It is a godless society in these schools and many perverted and false ideas are being pushed on them.  You need to have a meeting with the elders and think of a plan of how to implement this. Then you need to talk to the parents. Have the parents teach the children. Work in clusters of 3-5 parents. Half the children in your church are single parents. Some of them have members in the household who are atheist and Catholic or get their spirituality from Benny Hinn and Joyce Meyers and Joel Olsteen. They need extra support from your church. You are not helping them. You do wonderful sermons and are nice and support missionaries but do you support the children from your church. You know the majority of public school children and college grads will end up leaving church. Many parents are part timers or out of work because of the economy. Have you tried to find out if each person is working or not and do you care? Why would you ask them to be faithful and tithe while you get free housing and free childcare from your church school or from your wife? It is great when children have a mother and father who are both Christian and the mother stays home and homeschools. This is the ideal but this is not the reality of the majority of the people in your church with children. Many times a Christian will come to Christ later in life after they have had a divorce or remarried and even married an unbeliever.

Get the children out of public schools. They are being vaccinated with harmful chemicals and some cultured of fetal vaccination protestcells and animal cells. They are being taught by liberals who are teaching them how to accept Socialism and homosexuality so they will question their own sexual status. They are being influenced to experiment with sex and being told to tolerate what Christians should not be joined in with.  They are reading books suggested by Oprah and told Harry Potter is harmless. The teen book section is filled with vampire and sorcery. Why are you ignoring and having a blind eye to this?

I see that pastors will have sermons about homeschool but they are talking to themselves mostly because no one has the home situation as the pastor. If there are parents who homeschool, they are well off but this is not the case for everyone and they can’t ask the single mother or father if they can teach their son or daughter because the parents don’t know if they can trust those parents and the single parent doesn’t want to feel inferior with no part of the education process and each family is responsible for their own children. Eliminate this by either offering a room in your church and making a plan for parents to take part in the process or selecting the families that live close to one another and offer their back yards or kitchen tables. Come up with a curriculum for every grade for a year round school that takes place in the mornings. Offer to allow the children to be apprentices and learn skills that time forgot for example, for girls, how to make clothes and cook bread and be able to sell some of what they make and for boys, how to fix the plumbing and cars and how to build and get some side jobs by the time they are 16. Learn languages so they can actually speak in fluently and be able to speak the languages of your community and be able to witness to them.  Homeschool Numbers

There are many details of how to do this. You want them to get off of video games, away from the rock music and being able to talk to people of different cultures and ages and religions and be able to handle things and influence in a Christian manner. Christianity is dying. Most people are not Christian even if they go to church and say they are Christians. Catholics, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists are cult churches and some are pretending to be Christians like Freemasons and Unitarians. There are lukewarm churches that refuse to speak about sin and living a holy life separated to God. There are churches that are rock-n-roll social churches with more events than a cruise ship. They may even donate or help at soup kitchens but they still don’t care about the souls of the people they help by giving in the name of Jesus and making sure people hear about the gospel or are given a gospel tract. They are doing it to make themselves feel good not to glorify God. Kim Davis has many Christians against her too. This is an indication of where the false Christians and true Christians are separated and have left the truth to join in with sin and tolerate wickedness because many of these so-called Christians are saying she deserves jail. Just like the so-called Christians who falsely accused Kent Hovind of tax evasion and said he deserves prison even though that was not the reason he was there. I’m off topic but please, please, get your church families out of public school.

If you are reading this…. PRAY! We are in desperation. Churches are dying and children are becoming humanists just as they are supposed to. Please pass this to your pastor or mention this to him. Please do something. Do it NOW! This is the most important thing we need to do as Christians. Everything is affected by this. Your churches will not grow if the children leave the church. Only the false churches are growing because they accept sin! PRAY and DO something. Don’t keep this to yourself. Your kids are the next generation and we are KILLING THEM. By not giving them skills for work and to avoid evil and to raise godly children.  Think about the whole church not just your home. I am about to leave my church for this reason because they are doing nothing to help their own flock. Preaching is not enough. Set up a meeting this week to discuss this with elders or parents and don’t charge any money. School supplies are free online and the library. Set up a school drive and you will get donations.

Sermon: Children and Socialization: The Parroted and Robotic Objection to Homeschooling (9-6-15)

spider in homeschool


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