Proof That What Happened In Nazi Germany Will Happen Again

Nazi AmericaWhat is happening in America is a tragedy. There are many reasons on how we arrived to this point. Much of it happened when American’s forgot what happened in the past. New generations arose with rewritten history books. Liberal teachers were set on raising your children to accept secular teachings. They were militant knowing what the affect it would take. Plans have been in the making and lists of things they must do are actually carried out. Socialists, Atheists, Luciferians and Globalists have been working very hard behind the scenes to more the last generations to accept this thinking so that by the time they leave college with piles of debt, they would have already left the church, voted for the latest liberal saviour and turned on their parents to call them old fashioned idiots that don’t know what they are talking about. They will have brought on American celebrities and musicians who often talk about sex and rebellion to gain their hearts towards their demonic music. Television is programming. The people watching mainstream media have boiled slowly. The gay agenda and the false reporting on the news are accepted and embraced. If you say anything against these two you will be called a “hater” no matter how wrong it is or how far from the truth the information is. You may be one of the ones brainwashed. Please see the following videos to see if you and your family have fallen for this trap because the end result will be a new Nazi Germany. Wake up before it is too late. Shut off the TV and radio. Get out of the 501c3 churches that have rock music as the worship music and stay away from the modern English versions of the bible.  Don’t spend too much time on the internet or on your phone. WiFi has its effects on the body and mind as well. Pray more and ask for God’s leading.


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