A Real Church Community

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All the unbelievers and secular and homosexual and feminist activists and all the sinners of the world that are trying to bombard your lives and break the family and cause people to hate you are well organized with plans but the churches are without plans except for the evil Jesuits who are not even real Christians. Your church needs a plan. Your pastors including mine are failing at preparing the church. Here is a way to make a strong church. Don’t use this to become a cult but use it to equip your church family spiritually and economically and educationally.  I am a nobody without credentials but I am filled with common sense and I praise God for this and perhaps it is all the work of the Holy Spirit because I am nobody. I don’t want to say Pastors are doing nothing because they come out with pretty good sermons but the local churches are not prepared. Use this to stir up ideas and to discuss with the pastors and the elders of your church to make something similar.

  • Become a NON 501c3 status church. Don’t be yoked to the government. Downsize the church and make more like a commercial building. Lease one or lease another church 1-2 times in the afternoon if you have to. Home churches are good to start with. For your church building maybe think about this….The bottom floor to be retail stores with profits that will go to the church. Be careful because you know they are looking for ways to sue you. Remember the photographer and the bakers who were sued by homosexuals because they did not want to work with them.
  • Have 1-3 rooms dedicated to child care. Monday to Friday make a free school for Kinder to 12th grade. It is a free school for church members 8 AM to 12 PM. Have children become experts at math, reading, history, science and writing. Emphasize journalism and writing books. Publish them and produce a newspaper.  Learn debate skills. This is the number one priority after having a place to to conduct weekly church fellowship. Get the kids out of public schools right away and give them quality education based on the bible. Education is free if you don’t want to put them in public school. If you have a garage to donate time to the cause, or a backyard with a clean table and umbrella, do it. Take on other kids so you have a small school of 5-7 kids. These kids must know more and be more intelligent than secular students. They must be more skilled and equipped for jobs and speaking to the public. If you take out Social studies and all the stupid assemblies on bullying, you can do a lot in 5 hours. For P.E. Have the grandparents or parents pick them up from school and eat a picnic lunch and walk them to the local park and bring sport equipment.
  • Have parents be the volunteer teachers having each one teach 1-3 classes per week. During the summer have a special summer program for the kids and allow other kids to come there. Working parents would pay for it. You don’t have to make it Christian but don’t be afraid to pray before meals. They don’t have to pray. Make it educational and fun and safe.
  • 12 PM -6 PM is for paid child care. Do not make the prices crazy. This is for low income and high income families the same. The quality must be great. Paid workers are for these spots. Hire only locals and church members. Send adults and teens for CPR training. Have older kids in leadership roles.
  • Saturday and evenings have the rooms for bible study and cultural uses such as sewing for women and shop class for men. Use the skills for the church maintenance and to use for actual clothing for the home. Have an elder be in charge of contracting work out.  Offer fitness classes and other classes and charge a small fee. Everything should be affordable and professional.
  • Use some of the profits for scholarship. Lawyers, doctors, holistic doctors, childcare, plumbing etc in order that they will benefit the church and do some of their services for free to the church. Have members enter into politics to save your city and state. This will help against Christian persecution. Have them become judges, police officers, district attorneys and important positions. The mark of the beast is coming and we need some alternatives and people who will not be forcing us to get vaccines and cause us to go to jail for preaching.
  • Have seniors plant a garden of GMO free fruits and vegetables. Sell and give out for free and use in church businesses.
  • Have a bible memorizing program. Our bibles may be taken away and some of us put into prison. Each person should have a great deal of verses memorized. Imagine a time where there is an EMP attack. You may not have a phone or a laptop or anything electronic. Keep a small bible in a seal-able plastic baggie in your bug out bag, backpack or purse.
  • Teach languages. Teach free English to foreigners even illegals and use the bible. Use this as an evangelistic tool. Also teach Spanish and Mandarin in order to go witness to the people. These skills are essential for future jobs as well. You will no longer be hired in the future unless you are bilingual. No Spanish or Chinese Churches. Have a Bible study for the ones learning English in a different language but they only should be there 1-2 years and come and join the regular English classes. Let them sit in the English Church services so they will learn English. They will pick it up faster if they are immersed in it.
  • Pick up members to go witness. I don’t go because I don’t have a car and don’t want to bother someone to come all the way here. But if it were a regular practice, that would be great. I am sure many people are willing. Have several different ways to witness. Public outreach and door to door. Get a booth during an event. Organize protests that are friendly and peaceful. Offer free or low cost classes to the community.
  • Work with the local hospices and hospitals in volunteer services. Read to bible to elderly Christians and become their friends. Don’t ask for money. Do it for free. Offer to give donations of blankets and hats to the people and babies in hospitals.
  • Visit people.  Go visit elderly people near the church and bring them food and treat them like a family member. Ask nothing in return and don’t even mention the church unless they want to know.  You don’t have to go in their home. Just hand them the food and be nice. Invite them to sewing class and walk them over.
  • Offer girl scout and boy scout alternatives. There are other type of scouts for the community.
  • Have cell churches. Designate places for people to go in an emergency. Church should be walking distance away. If not, you need to make new churches even if small and you are preaching from your living room. Make simple polished wooden podiums in the shop class. Have a preaching class for the boys. They can use this as leadership skills and prepare them for many things.  Let them preach a 10-15 min sermon or bible lesson on Sundays if they can do well in preaching class. It may not mean they will be pastors but it will help them to be presentable and to have orator skills. Let the older girls teach in the cultural center and teach the younger ones.
  • Have small weddings without involving the government. You don’t need a marriage license but your church can perform a small wedding.
  • Have a class with parents and teens so you can learn about old fashioned courting so they will not date and have one night stands like the secular community.
  • Have mentoring programs. Sometimes we need the wisdom of older wiser people. It is stupid to take advice from a 22 year old who graduated from secular college who doesn’t even have kids to get advice about Christian  children. Why go to a doctor if you have trouble going to sleep who could care less about telling you to drink chamomile tea and rather give you a prescription to take drugs instead? Some of us who got out of that world will help others gladly.

I will add more and if you can think of more add them and print this out for your pastor.

  1. Remove children, and young adults from public school, high school and college and educate and mentor with skills for free.
  2. Start cell churches within walking distance. Get rid of the traditional church ideas. Become literal neighbors.
  3. Everyone working. Everyone to work paid and unpaid to benefit the church.
  4. Infiltrate society to change the culture stop persecuting Christians, at least in your town.
  5. Evangelize and give charity to the public around you.

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