Gender Confusion and Truth Confusion

Caution: some of this content may be graphic.

perfectly normal

There is an agenda, I saw it myself working in public schools where the lines of boys and girls were confused. Teachers have suggested teaching aids and they are told what to teach. They are encouraged to teach our children that it is OK if you play with dolls if you are a boy and play with trucks if you are a girl. While there may be an instance here and there of a child wanting to play with toys that are made for the other geharvey milknder, the schools are constantly promoting it and blurring the lines. Not only that, they discuss sex according to world standards and embrace transgender, bisexual and gay activities and role models like Harvey Milk who had no real accomplishments as a politician other than he was publicly gay. He had under 18 partners half his age as well.

I like to watch street evangelism on youtube because I like to be encouraged by their message and encourage them with prayer because they walk the walk not just talk the talk. The apostles and Jesus went out into the public to give the gospel which is a tradition that street preachers are carrying on which I respect.  The church is for believers and it is important to try to convert and warn sinners or at least just give them the seed by letting them know they are sinners and Jesus can forgive them and give them eternal life. Modern mega churches cater to the world and unbelievers but it should be the other way around where Christians come together for fellowship and learn about being separate from the world in words and actions being sanctified by the word and  living in obedience and love for the Lord and having compassion for the lost.

Looking at street preachers will give you a view on the state of the country. It will give you a glimpse of gay parades where men are almost naked and flaunting their perversions in front of children and including they local mayors in the parade. God must see these wickedness in disgust watching children be molded by their influence. It is very sad indeed. I will never attend one and we really must pray for the street preachers that attempt to preach repentance and warn people about hell if they do not repent. gay parade

Please also pray for children being bombarded with this and are encouraged to experiment with their sexuality and are told that it is OK and normal. God is not OK with it. He created you as a male or female and not both and did not make a mistake. God is able to forgive and to transform your life if you are willing to put your trust and faith on Jesus and to ask for forgiveness. Repentance is possible and God loves when people are able to come before Him in humility and desire righteousness.


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