Let’s Not Forget The Work of Dr. Gonzalez In Alternative Medicine

Dr.Nicholas GonzalezIt is so odd that we sometimes don’t notice a person until he dies. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a medical doctor and researcher who did considerable work in alternative medicine industry. He spoke out against the chemotherapy ring many people are involved in and exposed the poisonous history of chemotherapy which began out of the experimental re-purposing surplus nerve gas of World War II. He said chemotherapy is effective in bone marrow cancers but in other cancers such as breast cancer and pancreatic cancer, the results of chemotherapy do not match up with the statistics. Unfortunately, Dr. Gonzalez died recently of a heart attack which caught all his friends by surprise because they considered him to be in good health. No autopsy was performed and Dr. Gonzalez is one of the many mysterious deaths of holistic doctors recently. These holistic doctors, especially treating cancer breaking out of the traditional medicine paths are being targeted by the FDA and IRS and are stifled and prevented to speak out on alternative cancer therapies. They bypass all the trouble and reject cushy well paid jobs in the mainstream traditional medicine because the science and medicinal values of alternative medicine are more important to them and their patients than the secure jobs and relief of constant attacks on their medical practice. We should not push aside all their painstaking efforts to help cure people without traditional drugs and chemotherapy. There are some quacks in the medical industry but not everyone who is shunned by mainstream medical practitioners is a quack. I urge you to listen and watch these videos to see what Dr. Gonzalez was about . You will also see that the death of these alternative doctors was more than likely intentional and fatal foul play to shut them up.

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UPDATE: 2-11-16


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