Pope Francis Subtly Continues the Counter-Reformation

Funny thing, I listened to this broadcast a couple of days ago but I listened to it again today. Sometimes I listen to mp3 audio while I am doing other things around the house.  I didn’t notice something before that is very important.  I’ve already seen videos on this but this Sound the Battle Cry Popewatch broadcast about the public meeting with Tony Palmer and Kenneth Copeland for the KCM Minister’s Conference in January 2014.  Kenneth Copeland is a well known Pentecostal TV Preacher.  Tony Palmer who died months later after this conference in a motorcycle accident was an Episcopalian Bishop. During this conference there was also live video from Jesuit Pope Francis. This was a meeting to call Pentecostals and Protestants to unity with the Catholic church. The audio below is Brother Nate Marino and Pastor Jason Cooley from Old Paths Baptist Church in Minnesota which play the audio from the conference and comment on the conference. One of the things I didn’t know before is the Tony Palmer wanted to be a Catholic and was a long time friend of Pope Francis. The Pope did not want him to be a Roman Catholic because he had use for him as an Episcopalian bishop. This alone shows the Jesuit endevour to continue infiltrating the Protestant churches to influence them to join the Catholic church!

The Catholic church will no doubt be part of the end times one world religion of the anti Christ and Pope Francis is continually working as a Jesuit to continue the counter reformation to bring all denominations to Rome.  Because of the Roman Catholic continual quest for power and leadership over the people (even more than just Catholics) throughout the centuries, we will see a significant call for change from the Pope. The liberal left has this same salivation to rule over the people and through the elites (Illuminati or whatever you want to call these wicked infiltrators of propaganda) who rule governments, they will soon bring on the New World Order they have been planning for a long time. Satan is working through these sold out ones to deceive the world in various ways. There are many conspiracy theories to how it will all play out.  I am not going to prophesy anything. I am not a prophetess. I am also not a theorists.  I am only connecting the dots and pointing out clues.

This September, Pope Francis will be speaking before US Congress and the UN to make world climate change policy. The UN is another evil entity working to bring on the Beast System of the anti Christ through Agenda 21 and Gun Control. This may be pivotal to life as we know it as we expect economic collapse, black race anarchy, Muslim terrorism in the USA, more rights eliminated, feminism, main stream gender neutrality, Communism and Marxism taught to children through public school indoctrination and natural disasters manipulated by HAARP.

Please listen to the following audio and understand that there is a bigger picture and Pope Francis will definitely be working to bring on the religion of Babylon in his lifetime and yours.

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