Hilary Clinton Admires A Humanist Eugenist

margaret sanger and hilary clinton


This post is for Liberal Christians and anyone who calls themselves a Christian yet supports Hilary Clinton.

Hilary Clinton received the Margaret Sanger Award. Margaret Sanger was a humanist that promoted abortions and influenced society and policy to sterilize women and depopulate certain races and people. She believed in Darwinism and humanism, not God and spent much of her time defying any Christian values. She spoke at KKK events. Today the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood started by Sanger is killing many unborn children of color. Just this alone is enough to realize this woman is against Christianity.

Hilary explains she admires Sanger for her courage in women’s rights. This is deception and double speak from the left. They say they are protecting women’s rights to healthcare but what they are really doing is influencing the culture to kill their children and have no care to do things God wants you to do.  She is contributing to the destruction of the family and the little bit of morals this country still has left through the minority of true believers that are the salt and light in this world standing up for Christ.

As far as her defending her admiration for Margaret Sanger who was a Eugenist saying that she admires Thomas Jefferson but does not like the fact that Jefferson had salves is not a good answer because during the time of Jefferson, many prominent people commonly had slaves and 20% of the population were slaves.  In 2015, this comparison does not hold water because a moral woman is not promoting sterilization based on race or economic status nor speaking before the KKK common practice.

When people are given a microphone to explain why they want to vote for her, no one can really say what her accomplishments are or what policies they agreed with. People only want to vote for her because she is a woman but just like Obama supporters who voted for him because he was black, Obama was against all of our Christian morals. They never supported any of his policies unless it was to give them something for free. In case you haven’t learned yet, nothing is for free and Obama has many Socialist and anti Constitutional supporter ties.

Hilary is a woman filled with controversy and lies. She is a feminist dream. Feminism is a group of women that defy the roles God has for us and takes on the roles Satan has for them. Feminists are usually short haired women who are not submitted to their husbands and push for women to fornicate and have abortions on demand and lead the workplace rather than the home. Feminists say we are oppressed in Christianity because we are old fashioned but a woman of God is happy to be old fashioned and is more than happy to take the role of motherhood and wife and Christian with Jesus as her Lord.

Sometimes feminist and the Christians who support them have been influenced by the world through TV and celebrities and public school which drip godless Marxist views with the hopes of influencing the people to go along with the liberal anti Christ agenda. While this all sounds crazy to those that are drenched in the subtle influence of the left, it is really happening especially if you are a Christian that is for gay rights, abortion on demand, Climate change policies and desiring to unite with unbelievers and apostates for the sake of unity.

sanger and kkksanger and pp


One thought on “Hilary Clinton Admires A Humanist Eugenist

  1. Margaret Sanger was a Hard Core Communist! This is in the 1930s books by Elizabeth Dilling including THE RED NETWORK. World War II made the world safe for Communism….


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