CA2NWO Mega 9 Day Bible Study Series

bible study

For those of you that like Bible study, I hope you will join me in going over one part of this mega bible study every day for the next 9 days. These are audio teachings from Dr. Scott Johnson from Contending For Truth Ministries . Here is the matching PDF so you can see the pics and links to what he is describing.  Dr. Scott Johnson puts out audio teachings every 2-4 weeks or so and this is the biggest study he has done. They are very informative and deals with current events and prophesy and preparation for end times. He also gives informative health tips so I suggest that you sign up for his news and health newsletters. I would love for people to comment in the comment area below or to let me know you will be going through the audio teaching. You can reach me through Reddit messages or through the CA2NWO Contact page if you don’t want your words to be public. Please pass this to a friend so they can join us as well. You can download the mp3 studies from his website.

Remember to do a prayer in Jesus’ name before you do any bible study and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. Use a KJV bible preferably. Pray for everyone going through the same study so God will bless us with this study. Pray for Dr. Johnson as well because he often gets attacked by unbelievers who hate the truth. Demonic activity stirs when the truth is preached. We want God to bless us and teach us and guide us through this study. God bless you.

–Leah H (kjfriend)


Part 1:  Wednesday

Part 2: Thursday

Part 3: Friday

Part 4: Saturday

Part 5: Sunday

Part 6: Monday

Part 7: Tuesday

Part 8: Wednesday

Part 9: Thursday


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