Don’t Buy Tylenol Anymore and Throw What You Have Away

Tylenol DangerTylenol is the most popular pain over the counter medicine but there are safer alternatives without gay propaganda commercials.  Vitacost is the most inexpensive place for online supplement shopping and you can find these in your super market as well. Natural News has a great resource to show you what each herb, food and supplement is good for and a list of ailments to figure out what you should be eating or taking to eliminate or alleviate the problem. Most health experts will also tell you to get exercise, eliminate sugar and bleached flour and processed foods. Drinking purified water and herbal teas is also good for you. I rarely go to the doctor and when I go I realize how stupid medical doctors are because it seems like all they they know how to deal with patients is to prescribe pills. I end up throwing away the prescription and then instead do research online and fix things myself. ER doctors, urgent care doctors and surgeons are real doctors but most other main stream physicians are brainwashed medical sheep. See the NWO Movies page to find out more.


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