Could This Nightmare Come True? A U.S. Mexican President?

mexican activistsLast night I had a crazy dream. I am not saying this is a prophesy or anything like that. I don’t put much into dreams but there have been some dreams that scared me. It is one of those dreams where you open your eyes and you are not sure if it really happened or not.

Anyway, I will make it short. I dreamed that Obama had allowed illegals to vote in the 2016 election thinking it would help elect Hilary for President. A big surprise was that a Mexican Activist had been campaigning in Spanish and won the election.  He gave parts of America to Mexico and his whole purpose was for the Mexican people’s benefit. He didn’t care about Americans. No one paid any attention to his campaigns either so it was a surprise.

In my dream I was in the white house and caught some teens smoking marijuana and told on them and they were surprised that I said anything as if it were normal for teens to do drugs in the white house. After it was announced that this Mexican man was President, I saw everyone walk to another room except for a few. Obama was sitting and talking about himself to a few people and he said, “People are going to miss me.” I said, “I won’t.” He just gave me a look and walked away.

So that is the dream. Is it way off?


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