Pompeii Was Not A Christian Place


This one is a tame pic compared to the disgusting ones found in Pompeii.

As I was listening to sermons today while doing chores, I came across something that intrigued me as much as it had the last time I heard this same sermon. It was a sermon by IFBC preacher, Joey Faust, called “Evil Rejoicing”. If you have not heard his sermons before, please take a listen. Especially if you like to learn things when you hear a prophetic, truth-filled  sermon. In the sermon he mentioned Pompeii. (I don’t remember Pompeii much from when I was a kid but I remember some interesting photos of people and animals that were frozen in time.)  In the sermon he mentioned that Pompeii was a disgusting place. That there was wickedness there. I don’t think I ever heard anything like that. It was in our textbooks at school and my son mentioned he had it in history class so I thought nothing of it. I decided to look into it today. On a search engine I looked up “Pompeii Art”. I saw some familiar pics of people who were as casts in cement with painful looking expressions on their faces. I saw a cast of a dog and it looked like it was in motion. I saw lots of pics and there are many pages and then there were some disgusting paintings I found. Yes, they were lewd and sexual. I decided to look to find a documentary and I did find one but it is incredibly graphic. I don’t want to give the link and do not want to children to see it.  If you are easily tempted, please do not do any further research. I am an art major and love museums but this is more graphic and disgusting and it is not for Christians to look at. It confirmed what the pastor said. Pompeii was filled with brothels and prostitutes there. It was a place of lewdness. It was one of the worst and from what I can see, Pompeii was a Roman sin city that was worse than Las Vegas. The documentary points out that there was one other place that was worse and that was Rome.

As I tried to look for churches and a Christian community life in Pompeii, I noticed it was not there. No crosses or churches there.  Pompeii was not a Christian place. It reminded me of Sodom and Gomorrah in that the people were outwardly public about their sin. They did not have the Christian moral values we have. This was a place of sexual indulgence and slavery and power and pride. It was a place that San Francisco is heading towards if it isn’t already there. I stay clear of San Francisco and I do not want my children to go there. I am already upset that Hollywood is near me. I realize there are wicked places everywhere and wicked people everywhere but there are some places where you should not take your children. I lived in West Los Angeles at one time and there is nothing but heavy bad influence there. The culture there is plastic and based on self and looking beautiful. I avoid that place. The pastor mentioned we should not hang around places like that. That we should preach there but then leave. That is really good advice and reminds me of what happened to the family of Lot in Sodom  (Genesis 19).  That family was so drenched in a wicked culture in their backyard that it is all they knew and not even his son-in-laws would listen to the angels to escape Sodom. They did not know what would become of their town. They were in such ignorance. Those very girls would go on to do wickedness right after by being faithless and thinking they would end their family if they did not procreate with their father. They got their daddy drunk and lay with him to have children. It is really disgusting but it was not so far fetched being raised in Sodom. Those two children become the beginning of two civilizations, Ammonites and Moabites who became pagan nations and enemies of Israel. If you raise your children in a place like that, don’t be surprised if they become what they see and are influenced by daily. My cousins who were good children when we were younger moved to a bad area after their father left them and the two children became gang members taking drugs and were filled with tattoos even on their face. I pray that doesn’t happen to your children. Influences around you do make a difference. It matters what church you go to, what friends you have, what city you live in, what kind of parents you have and even the media you watch and that includes social networks, video games, TV and music you listen to.

 Proverbs 4:23   Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. 



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