Chief Justice Roberts and Knights of Malta


I’ve written and posted articles about CFR, Jesuits, Illuminati and their Satanic agenda but there is something very important that I didn’t put enough notice to. As I looked into it more, I see it relates to EVERYTHING I have ever warned about. This is on the top. This is the top elite group that all of these devils are working through to control things around the world. Knights of Malta.

Ive heard of them as I was dealing with Freemasons and have seen pictures but as I was listening to an audio show from Pastor Cooley and Brother Nate from Old Paths Baptist Church called Sound the Battlecry….something interesting was mentioned that I didn’t notice before when I first heard this particular show….Brother Nate mentioned that Chief Justice Roberts had gone to Malta right after he helped bring Obamacare in. Little tidbits like this are so easy to pass up and I have been passing it up but this little thing made me stop and want to look it up so here is an article I found that mentions what Brother Nate was speaking about.

Chief Justice Roberts Heads to Malta to Escape Criticism on Obamacare – Daily Mail

Here is another

Supreme Court Justice Roberts Lauded by Knights of Malta for “Obamacare” Vote –

Notice his biography, He went to a Catholic boarding school and was a Georgetown University Faculty member. He is Roman Catholic.

Is it any wonder he helped to bring on gay marriage in an unconstitutional way as well?



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