Cancer Charity Fraud

worst intentions

People are buying pink ribbon products and entering race for cures and going to charity events. They boast of dollars raised and cures they are working hard to find a cure for. I’ve been seeing this from when I was a kid and in case you didn’t notice, it is a TOTAL SCAM. They will never say they found the cure to anything. It will mean they will be out of jobs, they will not be able to be influential in political lobbying. It would be the CEOs would have to look for another 6 figure salary some place else. Basically, they are making too much money to close down their cancer cure charity.



I Will Not Be Pinkwashed:  Komen’s Race is For Money, Not the Cure 


A Dire Warning: The Cancer Industry Owns the Media and Your Mind


If you are looking for a Christian charity to donate to in order to help cancer patients and patients who enter hospitals and would love comfort giving in the name of Jesus please buy a Crochet for Cancer Bag.

crochet for cancer bag

I Crochet for Cancer Tote Bag

$22.50 each (Plus $6.00 S&H Fee)

This two-tone deluxe tote bag is great for carrying or storing all your crochet supplies. It’s made from 100% natural 12oz cotton canvas and is approximately 19″ x 15″ x 6″ in size. 100% of profits will go to help donate chemo caps to cancer patients. Available in US & Canada only.



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