An Educational Idea for Pastors and Christian Parents



I’m in California. That should already say a lot. I have to vaccinate my son in less that a month and I DON’T WANT TO. I don’t have the money to send my son to a private school and my son does not have any siblings to homeschool with and he was home-schooled in 7th grade. I will tell you it was a lot of work but my son was reading classic books a lot which made me very happy. Often I would try to find other kids in this city who he might be able to get together with but the closest I could find was two cities away and is difficult without a car and he didn’t want to be forced to be friends with other kids. He went back to school for the 8th grade and he made a lot of friends. He does not want to let that go and is looking forward to beginning high school. Unfortunately he does not look at the daily news and keep on top of things like I do. He is hanging out with his brother in the living room as I write this. My older son is in college and lives with his secular father and my views do not agree with my son’s views and my older son thinks I am a religious conspiracy theorist because he is brainwashed by college and his father to go along with the flow of the sheeple.  Anyway, I am off-topic and just wanted to tell you where this idea stemed from. I have to put my son in a local public high school, get him vaccinated and he will eat GMO food for lunch. He will learn a progressive world view from his Democrat teachers using a liberal Federally funded Common Core curriculum. The very things I am against and write about warning people about.



I went to church today and honestly they have no idea about vaccination dangers or know about the New World Order or Illuminati or anything. Like most people, they are going with the flow, oblivious to the evils in the world. Some pastors know about these things. I post up their sermons so I know they know. Please get the parents together and start a homeschool. If you have a church building, use a classroom. Get some volunteer parents to do a class once a week. They will say yes. They will do it for free! Help out the unemployed people at the same time and give them skills and recommendations for employers. Help out young pastors to practice giving history lessons using the bible in a sermon. Let this be a church community help and let the parents be involved so they don’t have to get vaccinated and don’t have to eat GMO food. They don’t have to be indoctrinated by secular socialistic ideas daily making little liberal future Democrats to vote in Jezebel’s like Hilary Clinton. This message is for pastors who are aware of the NWO.

common core


For parents, it is to volunteer. For kids it is going to be a wonderful way to go to school to learn from a biblical world view and prepare them to be light and salt of the world and be the next generation of bible believing Christians. For Pastors, you can spend some time in prayer and give this opportunity to your congregation and ask for volunteers and donations.  There are FREE curriculums out there. Many homeschoolers are more intelligent that the public school kids. Our schools no longer use classic books anymore. They don’t know basics things like they should. I am most certain that schools are dumbing down our kids and I don’t care what statistics say. They spend a lot of time teaching kids about bullying, praising LGBT people and telling the kids lies about guns, evolution and climate change. The text books are off when it comes to explaining Christianity and there are more chapters about Islam than Christianity in their books.  They always make it seem like Catholicism is Christianity. There are a lot of deceptions and lies in public schools that are influencing your children. Please get the church together and fight for their educational future.

equips the called


I know prayer works. I’ve seen God come through many times and God doesn’t want us to be defeated. It is easy to feel that way when we see the evils that government world wide is perpetrating on purpose for their Utopian dictatorship dreams for the “greater good”. We know they are fools trying to bring on the one world government and one world religion of the beast in Revelation. Pray about it and then seek wisdom from His work and get counsel and then do something. I like the example I heard years ago…..why pray for a hole in the ground while you lean on a shovel? Why pray for God to do a miracle of giving you a hole when God gave you an able body to dig a hole? Do something about this, please!

Here are some videos to check out and I will be listing my favorite homeschool websites:












If you think this is a good idea or want to expand on it and add to this article or want to contact me, please see our Contact Page. PLEASE SEND THIS TO YOUR PASTOR OR CHURCH ELDERS.

Update 7-22-15

This is a video of a homeschool dad teaching his kids about the book of Revelation. It is pretty amazing and may give some hope to parents to start doing this.



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