There is Hope for James Holmes

James Holmes

Just got the news that James Holmes was guilty for first degree murder. It doesn’t surprise anyone. We all knew that he was supposed to die after being programmed to kill in order for politicians to push for gun control. He was framed. The whole incident was a covert MK Ultra mind control experiment perpetrated by the FBI and Illuminati run government. I am not a conspiracy theorist but instead a conspiracy realist and I want to know facts and see things from a different perspective than the narrative fed to main stream media which is filled to the brim with progressive propaganda.

Remember that this website is from a Christian perspective and there is still hope for James Holmes even though he was framed and being lied about and blamed. He was a Manchurian candidate. I know everyone in the alternative news realm and people who don’t buy lies from corrupt leaders are NOT believing what they are telling us for one minute regarding the James Holmes investigation.  James Holmes can still repent and believe on Jesus. Even if he gets the death penalty on earth, there is a very possible eternal life in heaven for him. God can forgive murder. If James Holmes humbles himself before God and repents of his old life of murder and unbelief, and puts his trust on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, there is PLENTY of hope for him because he will spend eternity in heaven and all the liars and conspirators who planned that shooting will get their just judgement if they do not repent. He will be justified he repents and believes.

Now you know prayer DOES work so I am asking for you to pray for James Holmes. That Jesus or a messenger of Christ will come to give him the gospel so that he can have the opportunity to get saved. Some of the chaplains and people who give spiritual guidance are fake and will not help him. We need to pray that a born again bible believing Christian will help him and he will have access to a bible. Please pray!

Here are some interesting videos on the matter if you haven’t yet discovered that the James Holmes shooting was a hoax just like Sandy Hook School shootings and 9/11/01 terrorists attacks.

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