Christianity and Social Justice

Social Justice Jesus

      There are lots of articles and videos and churches pushing Social Justice. It’s funny because all the churches pushing this are lukewarm churches. Catholics churches and emerging churches and black churches push this liberal theology social justice. They are saying we need to give money to the poor and make laws and gather in money and give money to the poor through churches and government. They say it is charity and that Jesus was an activist for it. They twist verses to get us to push this. It is the idea of giving a man fish when he is hungry but the man becomes dependent on it and doesn’t bother to get his own fish. Instead we need to teach the man to fish and encourage him to go get fish. Now even this gets abused. You give the money for the man to go to school to learn to get fish. Meanwhile he is in school, you give him fish. Even more than that, you don’t notice that the man sells the fish to his friend so he can buy weed to smoke since he has enough fish for the week. And more than that, he starts to demand a car to take him to go to fishing school. The bus makes him feel shame so needs a car to stop the shame. On top of that, he tells his friends and they start to demand the same and even ask the politician to make it a law to give him a certain amount of fish to live on.  Some of his friends from another country come by and want the same so they demand that too. The politician makes the laws and takes the money from the working people and tells them it is for the poor and charity and you have to pay it or we will take it from you. Meanwhile the politician gets money to push these laws for their campaign for re-election.  Churches get money telling people they will give to the poor, meanwhile some of it goes to the building fund and money for the priests to visit Rome or pastors for their yearly conferences to push for the need to give more fish to the poor and send them to fishing school! So it is an ugly vicious circle of lies. What should have been done? The hungry man should have been looking for work and living on rainy day money or dried fish he saved for times like these. Maybe he could be raking leaves or making walking sticks to sell at the market to get food. If he has family and friends, they should be helping him if he is starving. If people in his town know he can’t fish because they see him getting thin, then go and teach him to fish. He won’t starve with that skill. His parent’s should have taught him how to deal with it as a child as well.  It is OK to be poor. It is ok to do odd jobs to get some cash. It is ok to plant your own food, hunt for food (keeping to state laws), forage for food.   This idea of giving to the poor is sloppy theft. You aren’t helping the poor! Go watch an episode of Drugs, Inc. They will beg for money until they have enough money for drugs or alcohol. You may think you are helping them but you helped them to buy drugs. And then there are the foolish ones who fill themselves with tattoos and piercings and can’t get a job so go get illegal jobs like robbery and prostitution and drug dealing. They get caught and have a record and can’t find a job after that either. How are you helping foolish people by giving them money that was forced from working citizens? You aren’t. Even if there is a success story, at what price was it? The fisherman graduates and learns to fish. Then he must pay taxes to pay for other people to learn to fish, for their car and for their fish. Meanwhile this cycle breeds people who demand things be given to them and they have no shame of having being fed and provided by money that was forced by the government to give to them.

This is a touchy subject I know. It is a tough economy right now and it is very difficult to have a job for many of us. I left my career in the fashion industry and have no desire to go back especially since I became a Christian in 2003.  I get whatever job I can and I can’t afford to get another degree. There were times I wasn’t able to afford anything and really scraped by on the little money I had saved or made here and there and I have been on Welfare before. I went to the church in town to get some groceries when I really had nothing in the house.  But you know what, I did really go and get a job and got off of it right away. I felt guilty about it because I knew I didn’t earn that money. I tried to use it as wisely as I can and I will admit there were times I even stopped using coupons and bought things I would have never bought like that jam from England or hot food from the deli or even burgers  at Wendy’s when I didn’t feel like cooking.  It is easy to slip into that mistake of thinking ,”I can buy whatever I want.”

It was short lived and even with the part time job I have now I am so frugal with my money. When I shop for food it is on only the necessities and requires me to do research at different stores to get the most of my money. I do buy staples like beans and rice. I haven’t had steak in about 3 years now. I hardly have meat. Meat costs too much.

If I go to a restaurant which is once a week for us, we don’t get a drink and we are each allowed to spend only a certain amount. Sometimes I have some extra money and we will go get a treat of boba milk tea or whatever the kids want. Kids will adapt to anything. My younger son doesn’t even re

In this predicament, we get a little creative and ideas flow.  

I decided to grow some food.  I grew lettuce last year and this winter, my vegetables didn’t go so well so all we got out of that is some herbs and 

onions. He doesn’t even realize that he eats like a vegetarian!

It’s about time for me to sow the spring veggies, too. This is the sort of thing people have to do these days to feed our families.  They did this during the depression. I hope this post inspires Christians to use this situation of a tough economy to keep off of welfare and do your best to work and think of ways you can feed your family besides government help even if you make very little money.

I knew this woman who lived near her mother but she got government help for an apartment, for college and for food and other things. She should have moved in with her mom.

I know another woman who lived in a nice condo and when she lost her job, she still traveled and did everything she did before and still got government assistance with for her home. She didn’t want to stop going out and stop shopping for expensive items. She put things on credit cards.

All these things are things that a Christian shouldn’t do. You should never give anyone any excuse to accuse Christians either. Live within your means and have a good attitude. Remember to tip your server well at restaurants.  People are watching us like hawks to see how we mess up. I am no means perfect but we have to strive for that perfection doing all things for the glory of God and to let people see that Christians ARE DIFFERENT in a GOOD WAY.

No Longer Accepting EBT Cards

 I don’t say join in with unbelievers in whatever they do. No don’t do that unless you are sure you are not doing anything against Christians or anything that would be wrong. Demanding that people get welfare because we don’t want children to starve is really dumb and that was part of my reply to the above Reddit reader who started the thread for the conversation below:

if you can affordAnswer: Christians shouldn’t get welfare if they can work. Many people are taking advantage of it as you know.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

If this makes you doubt the church then any little thing will make you doubt. Why should any of us be worried if people are weak minded and have an itching to leave the church because they would rather get money from the government than work? You are free to leave if you want.

Question:   Not to mention the minimum wage in a full time job STILL puts a person below the poverty line. Most of the people on welfare HAVE jobs, it is just we do not require people to pay their employees a livable wage.

Why should any of us be worried if people are weak minded and have an itching to leave the church because they would rather get money from the government than work? You are free to leave if you want.


And with comments like that why should people go to churches that teach people on welfare are all lazy? That statement is as weak minded as the idea behind those fliers. It is the same mentality that leads to the stories you hear about how bad the Sunday dinner crows is to servers. You should not work on Sunday so we do not tip, well the reason they are open and work on Sunday is because people go there. Same ones who say if parents can’t pay then take the kids lunches away at school. If a person can take food from a child and call themselves a Christian, I do not want to know those types. Even if some are abusing the system, and there are some, how many kids are you willing to have go hungry to fix it?


Answer: Who is going hungry? In the USA? Not many. There are so many ministries that give out free food. How often do you see a bone stick kid in the USA like how you see in Africa? Christians who are able to work should work. If they should see a person who is in real need, help them out. I went to school and college in Los Angeles and I knew never to give the homeless money. They used it for drugs and alcohol. That is the reality of it. I would offer to buy them food or just give them a bagged lunch instead. If you are a Christian, I hope you will use this zeal to help the hungry and make a community program to feed them from donations. Making the government to do it is not Christian. You must do it on your own free will. I have kids and I hate the school lunch program. Free or not it is horrible because the food is cheap genetically modified food filled with high fructose corn syrup and the meat is filled with toxic hormones, fish from China that has fish from sewer filled water, vegetables that were treated with Round-Up poison. The water from the fountains are fluoridated. (Fluoride is a neurotoxin) I always tip well at restaurants too. I love the Mom and Pop stores and diners and want to support small business. I haven’t been to a WalMart in about 5 years now because I would rather buy in small stores. No one wants to take from kids. You are being ridiculous to even say that. There are no starving kids in our town. The churches in town give out free food to who ever wants it. Set up a pantry in your town if you want to pass out food. Instead of complaining and making false accusations, you should go do something. If you aren’t then get off your tail and do it. By the way, if the minimum wage goes up, jobs will decrease by 38%. The economy is horrible. What did you expect with a president who is giving jobs and money to people overseas? Stop looking to the government to give you or anyone anything. Go and help people. Show people how to get permission to start a community garden and show them how to cultivate food for themselves. During the Depression, people would plant their own gardens for food. They would make their own clothes and do everything from scratch. Now people don’t do anything but complain and want everything done for them. I know how to sew and crochet and garden. Being bilingual helps people get jobs too. Maybe you can learn Spanish or Chinese and teach people for free. So many things you can do without putting down Christians because they don’t want people depending on the government for everything. No more complaining, go do it.

There is so much to say on this subject. When you dig into it you will find a lot of related material. It will lead you to see that Social Justice is another way that Satan is working in the churches to accept Socialism, Marxism and Communism. You will find out this is part of the Illuminati NWO planning. It is part of the anti-Christ government agenda for leading Christians astray using bible verses and terms that make people think they are doing good in the world.  You will see that it deals with Liberation Theology. All these things are being used with all the other demonic plans like Evolution lies, Environmentalism (the kind that demonizes Christians because God said man was to have dominion over the earth ), Globalism (all countries uniting), Eccumenicism and Emergent Church (churches uniting denomination and religions),  Global warming (the scientists of today who supposed to know facts are full of propaganda and lies), Social Equality, Gender Equality and Racism. All these things are just lies of Satan. There are others I probably didn’t list. Stay faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. Let me know what you think.




This article was originally posted 3-23-14


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