What 501c3 Status Will do to Your Church

incorporated Church

My church is a 501c3 Church. I asked him and he said we are. I don’t like it and I don’t think my pastor realizes what the fine print says but I believe it muzzles them. I think it is part of the problem why Christianity is being snuffed out of the country banning bible, pushing abortion, gay marriage and telling military they can’t pray in Jesus’ name or refuse to marry gay couples……their silence to these issues is what is helping to allow sin not only in the church but the whole country. The majority of the churches, about 99% are 501c3 churches. Canada has a similar contract with their churches and we already know they cant speak against homosexuality using Romans 1. It is called hate speech.

I hope my church through discernment will know that we need to eliminate the 501c3 status. If I leave my church, there are no other churches for me. I’m in liberal California, near Los Angeles. Continue to pray and remember you did not sign a contract with the government not to speak out in public. Trust me, the government is working on shutting up Christians but keep giving the gospel and continue to support evangelism in public.

I think you should look at these videos and make a decision to leave your church or not. I think it should be an option and not to be thrown out. The churches in Acts do not look like the churches we have. I’m not saying home churches are better because I see home churches being so lukewarm too bringing in Contemporary Worship Music. That is another topic but I hope these videos bless you and make you think and research. Pray about it and don’t brush this off. Many of my posts are about warning. Most of what I am talking about will not be talked about in main stream media or in the average American church. I am here as a servant to show you something that could harm you and your church. We are not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices. God bless.

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