Dangers of Christian Contemporary Music


This is a topic that Christians get very defensive on. They will really get upset with you if you say anything negative about their Christian Contemporary Music. Most Christians are listening to it. When I was a baby Christian, I was listening to it too. As you grow in His word and grow spiritually, you begin to see things differently especially if you did not grow up in a Christian family or grew up in a church that had this music. People think it is only in the lyrics and actually believe Christian heavy metal is really Christian. I see Christian music performers look and act like the world….tattooed up, being sexual, having gang influence in their clothes, being pierced and having short colored hair or men having long hair…. there really is no difference than the world.

Another thing is what these performers believe. Do they believe gay marriage is OK or that women can dress up in short shorts and tank tops and if they wear a cross around their neck, they can call it Christianity. Look to see what they believe.

Here are some more reasons and maybe helpful links to you. Don’t get upset….look to see if what is being said is true and compare it to the word of God. Are you worshiping Contemporary rock music or God?


One thought on “Dangers of Christian Contemporary Music

  1. Marxist musicologist Theo Adorno wrote most of The Beatles songs. When Adorno died in 1969, Lennon brought Adorno’s royalty check to his widow in Hamburg. Weeks later, The Beatles broke up. It was Adorno’s dark Marxist vision to infiltrate Christian music. The Beatles promoters discovered Love Song in Costa Mesa, California, and the infiltration began. Love Song was given to start The Beatles’ stadium tours and concerts. Thousands of local bands in churches soon followed their Marxist-infiltrated model…. http://www.CulturalGenocide.Wordpress.com


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