Westboro Baptists or Ke$ha ? Which is worse? Hard to tell.


I don’t understand why these people get so much attention. They are only about 40 people and mostly family members. If their free speech goes, so will yours. Let them picket and be dumb. No one agrees with them.

It was headed by Fred Phelps (although shortly before his death in March 2014, church representatives said that the church had not had a defined leader in “a very long time”), and consists primarily of members of his extended family; in 2011, the church stated that it had about 40 members – Wikipedia

Westboro Baptists protested a Ke$ha Event. This video is posted up recently but I don’t know if was taken place recently. Although Westboro Baptists are very extreme and their doctrine is off and fortunately, most people don’t agree with them, the liberal crowd celebrating same sex marriage is very perverted and twisted and I’m not sure which is worse.

Ke$ha, a satanic perverted pop star influencing young people is loved by the world but she is one of the many corrupted music stars promoting homosexuality, perversion and debauchery.  It is hard to say which is worse, Wastboro Baptists or Ke$ha?


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