Why Men Should Have Short Hair

If you are a man, you should have short hair. Having the long hair is rebellion to God. Think of the hippies who looked to drugs and walked away from God. Look at the people who make it look19110687 cool. These are people who don’t take life seriously and put God first. You can see that musicians follow the influence of other drug using musicians with long hair. Even some of the Christian musicians get their influence from unbelievers with long hair. We are in an age where the genders are being confused. Men are feminized. Women are masculine. Why do you want to be a victim of the culture who has left the love of God and wants to be in rebellion and call it modern. Why do you think 1 Corinthians 11 was written? Because there is nothing new under the sun. Trends are constantly trying to test our Christian way of life. And what about work and maturity. In a time where jobs are scarce, why limit yourself to what jobs you can have with long hair and tattoos and piercing? Most of those people don’t care about God. Some of them are Christian but they are ignorant Christians. Go check out in the worst part of a large city and see what people look like when the devil is their master. Go look at what a group of drug addicts on the streets look like. Go see what musicians look like when they don’t care about God and they put everything else above God. Don’t try to look like them. Yes God cares about the wayyou look too. There are passages in the bible about our appearance. So yes, God is concerned about that. He wants you to represent Him and a clean and obedient life and not represent people who are in rebellion to God’s word.

Corinthians 11:14 Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?

Don’t look for ways to sin. Don’t look for pastors who say it is ok so you can continue to do whatever you want without making any changes in your life. That is rebellion too. You can find it too. If you want to continue drinking and smoking and fornicating and find a church to accept it where the members do this, sure, it is possible, you can find a church like that. You can find a church that will accept sin because there are plenty of churches that have no separation from the world. Do you think God wants people to go to lukewarm compromising churches? I heard about a church that has a brewery. Maybe you saw that recent article where they had Christians living a swingers life.All these people who think they can live like this are fooling themselves.

Even here, you’re gonna get people who say long hair is fine and God loves you anyways no matter what you do. Do you think God is pleased for his children to live like the world? Read the New Testament. We are to love people but hate the world. We are to love sinners but hate the sin. We are to love the people no one cares about and give them the gospel which can change their lives and release them from the bondage of sin. Cut you hair and stop making excuses to be part of the culture that hates God.

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