Why Read the King James Bible?


      First of all, there are way too many reasons and articles to list. But perhaps a few will get you to think about it and make a different decision about which bible you will use.  It will bring you out of a lot of ministries that are popular and it will bring you into the real, raw and old-fashioned form of Christianity. Old is not a bad thing. I was once using a lot of version and buying lots of bibles. To read the bible I would open several up on my bed and sometimes even have a laptop pc with a website of different versions. As I read I would switch bibles and compare and read commentaries. I would look at bible dictionaries and use my separate bible concordance.  I would look to see what the classical commentaries look like concerning something I didn’t understand. At church I would bring a different bible every week and get confused sometimes. It was difficult to deaI with bible study when we all took turns to read our bibles and everyone brought a different version to study it. I  memorized bible in several different versions and I prided myself in being able to handle the more difficult NASB version.  When a new bible came out and was promoted, I bought it.  I had at least 25 bibles next to my bed. Then not to far from today, around the beginning of 2011, I started to see the promotional material of the 1611 King James Bible.  I read an article about William Tyndale and noticed that that name was familiar and I had seen it in a book called Foxes Book of Martyrs that my first bible teacher gave to me as a present four years earlier. I went to go find that book that was really hard to understand. I reread the Tyndale part of the book and ended up crying and feeling convicted to realize that the King James Bible was the that held all the persecution of the Christians. It came to me strongly in my mind that I realized that this was the bible that Satan hates!  It made me have a new perspective and I was able to realize and see a verse in the bible with a new vision.

 1 Corinthians 14:33   For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

This is the message I give to all people who are reading different versions and reading the modern versions which you think are easier. You are a high school graduate and some of you are college graduates. You can handle the King James Bible. Remember that hicks in the southern states read the KJV. It is confusion to read all these versions. It is not using the Holy Spirit for teaching to use 4th grade level versions with commentary. The commentary is from fallible man or woman so why are you depending on it so much?  I did pray for understanding and I did look into it which opened a whole different world and way of living that is NOT mainstream. It is the narrow way, it is the old path, it is going back to our roots when people had old-fashioned morals that were putting God first in our lives. God will give you understanding and teach you and you will grow in the Lord without TBN preachers, without confusion of many modern versions.

Simply put, the base of all the modern translations is from the Alexandrian (Egyptian) and the Vaticanus (Vatican) copy of the bible.  People will boast that this is the oldest copy found so it is more accurate. This is the part that is essential. The King James Bible uses the Textus Receptus (Received Text, from Antioch) which received all the persecution from the Catholic church that caused them to kill bible believing Christians. It is not as old but it is the Holy Spirit filled version that is targeted and hated by every false institution. Scholars and so called experts with many doctorates and degrees will attack the KJV but look at who they are trained by. By Jesuit schools and influence. They go on boards and promote the modern versions that have NO PERSECUTION. These bibles are copyrighted and are a large multi-million dollar business to target the modern Christian who is drenched in the world with Christian tattoos, Christian tight T-shirts, Christian rock music, Christian dating services, Christian movie buffs, into Christian yoga , Christian Hip Hop, Christian concerts, read Christian books and go to Christian conferences. You don’t even realize you have compromised with the world and are part of the commerce that Jesus did not want at His Father’s House.

Anyway, another reason that may make you turn away from the modern translations is to find out who is publishing it. Did you know the NIV was published by Zondervan, a division of Harper Collins who publishes the Satanic Bible and the Joy of Gay Sex? Isn’t this being unequally yoked? Why would you support the bibles affiliated with Harper Collins? They are making millions of dollars on people like you. And who writes the commentary? Are they TBN preachers, are they people with flawed doctrine who are promoting homosexuality and interdenominational views? Are the shifting your thoughts on the rapture to believe it will be like Tim LaHaye’s Left Behind Series? When you steer from this modern version, modern church path, you will be able to reflect on the bible more with focus to see what God really says and you will learn more and be able to memorize ONE version. Your kids will be smarter because they will learn new words and not be afraid of the thees and the thous anymore.  It is just all around a simple and less confusing way to read the word of God. Here is my list of reading, audio and video that may change your mind today. God bless you.

Where to buy a King James Bible:

Local Church Bible Publishers

Trinitarian Bible Society

Pure Words of Truth

Bearing Precious Seed

Bible For Today

The Real Story About King James:


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