Pastor Steven Anderson and Youtube Preachers and their Influence

pastor anderson

I love going to Youtube to listen and to watch preaching. I listen to preaching instead of music. I love the sermons that are strong and make you say, “Amen”. I love when preachers are not afraid to say things that other preachers will not. The pastors, priests and reverends out there are in abundance and their preaching styles diverse.

Sometimes there will be a yelling pastor who will be able to cause the audience to scream and get into a euphoric state. Sometimes it will be calm and there will be a lot of civil clapping. Sometimes there will be sermons that will follow a rock concert. There are many out there.

Personally, I like the pastors who use the King James Bible and will be willing to tell the truth.

Recently, I see a clip in a lot of online articles of Pastor Steven Anderson saying he wished Caitlyn Jenner would die. They love to use his sermons to look for reasons to say that person hates people! I used to watch a lot of Pastor Anderson videos and I will say I liked them. I learned a lot. I am not going to rip into him like everyone else and to use that clip to point fingers at him and say he is hateful. I know he spends a lot of hours going door to door trying to give them the gospel. I know he speaks a lot of truth and is not afraid to say it. I admire that. I don’t think he should wish Caitlyn Jenner should die and go to hell but he says on the video, “if you don’t like what he is saying, then leave.”  I don’t agree with some of the things he says and I will say I agree with about 90% of what he preaches. If you don’t like what he is saying, don’t go to his church. 90% is more than I can say for the majority of lukewarm Christian churches that I agree with a lot less!

No one gets stoned anymore because Jesus died for them! He died for us when we deserved to be stoned and struck by lightning. Jesus came with grace and mercy. Jesus did not embrace sin and I am not saying anything good about sin. Jesus said to repent and to “SIN NO MORE”. Homosexuals or witches or Satanists are NOT to be stoned and killed. If they don’t repent they will get what they deserve after they die. Sin has consequences in this life and in the next for the unbelievers and false believers. We have nothing to do with their judgement and we shouldn’t be wishing they were dead.

There are pastors I agree with a lot less. There are religious leaders in various religions including Christianity where they say a lot worse and even endorse and promote death. (Some Islamic leaders, for example). I don’t go to his church. I go to a similar church but the preacher does not say things like wanting anyone to die. To tell you the truth, I have never had a better pastor, praise God. Coincidently, Pastor Anderson was the one who suggested the church and how I found out they existed!

If there were pastors to rebuke, it would be the prosperity preachers and anyone who will compromise their sermons to be publically viewed on TBN and other Christian networks. They are 100 times worse than Pastor Anderson and lying to people! Creflo Dollar just ordered his $65 million dollar jet! You never see Joel Osteen tell people to repent and turn from their sins and give them the gospel! The pope is in one of the most blasphemous positions in the world. All of the popes are worse than Bruce Jenner!

Now about Bruce Jenner….he may be a reprobate. If Paul knew some were reprobates, why wouldn’t a Spirit filled Christian know he is reprobate too?  But remember, Jesus said to love our enemies. We don’t wish people death or harm. If they die in their sin they will receive their just wrath and as perverted and prideful as Bruce Jenner has gotten, and being praised no less; he will get his due justice from God if Bruce were to die without repenting. I don’t have to wish anything on him and I don’t wish death or harm on the worst person because I know hell is forever and it is torment.  He will answer for the influence he has on people as well. As a person leads and influences others, they are accountable for even more!

Bruce is perverted and has tried to change what God wanted him to be. He is even a hero to LGBT children! God will surely hold him accountable for that but you know what…. I’m sick about hearing about him and I don’t care about TMZ-like celebrity online websites. He is not brave and I will not praise him. I don’t want to give him any more attention than I already have. There are many other perverted people. They need our prayer. That is what they need. Don’t embrace sin or exalt him or his decision to be a woman as courageous. Continue to do what is right and pray for him or anyone like him. Pray for Pastor Anderson too. Pastor Anderson has a wife and many children. He needs prayer. I can understand why he said what he said. He is zealous for righteousness and hates when people flaunt sin. He gets extremely passionate about it. Why focus on his over zealous speech for sin when people should expose the people who are loving sin and embracing it and telling Christians and non-christians to do the same?

I don’t know anyone who has the same opinion as me so among all the articles out on this topic, this one is different and that is OK for me. I like free speech while we still have it and I’m not into thought crimes and everyone having to be led into the same view with propaganda. It is OK to have different thoughts and to hate what is evil.

 Romans 12:9   Let love be without dissimulation. Abhor that which is evil; cleave to that which is good.




One thought on “Pastor Steven Anderson and Youtube Preachers and their Influence

  1. Yeah, Christianity is littered with false teachers and preachers who have risen to power and have allowed that power to corrupt their souls.

    Because they have a following, they start to think they are Apostles. !…that What they say should be entered into the bible itself.

    Its getting like Washington. Look at that Trinity TBN channel. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that only 5% of those preachers are real Christians. Its a breading ground for apostasy. Selling holy oil, sowing seeds to build these liars mansions, trading money for healing, false prophecy. ……its astonishing that True Christian churches have not banded together to condemn these wicked deceivers but they’re too busy defending their own tangential pet doctrines, that amount to nothing more than pride, to take a stand for the kind of Truths that are absolutely essential if Christianity is to have a consistent voice to the unbelievers of the World.


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