Biblical Science You Were Never Taught In School


Take a deep breath because what I am about to tell you will be mind blowing and extremely new.  I am going to show you a whole new world of science you have never learned. You have not been told this in elementary school or high school or college. You have been taught a view of science that is not true. You have been taught evolution, that the world began by a Big Bang, that the planets revolve the Sun and that the world is millions of years old. This is not true. Now most of you will reject that idea right now and go onto another web page. Some of you will say I am crazy and dismiss everything I say from now on. In fact, I just learned about this science called Geocentricity only months ago!  I heard bits and pieces before and I kept shutting it off and skipping it to study other things in the bible. It is biblical and the bible is true and if you believe the bible like I do, you will accept it. Even if you are not a scientist, I want you to know that you don’t have to be a scientist to believe the bible over the smartest scientists on the planet.  My first thought was, “this can’t be, this is crazy.”  As you dig a bit into the matter and the shock dies down, your next phase will be that you will not knock down Geocentricity and say it is not so and let it be a possibility and not make a full decision. Perhaps after you see some of these videos and links, you will say, this is not crazy, this is biblical. And you will realize God is always right.



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